With the dual force of Obamacain four days from striking campus, student groups and councils are scrambling to inject themselves into the festivities. On Saturday, representatives from almost every governing council, as well as CPU, the College Democrats, and the College Republicans, met to plan programming for the run-up. They plan to send their outline to Columbia administration tomorrow morning.

The plan consists of two parts: speakers and service opportunites. Highlights will apparently include a voter registration drive led by CPU, the Dems, and the Republicans. Governing boards and individual community service groups will also put on a “service fair,” highlighting service opportunities on campus. Finally, there will be a canned food drive led by the four student councils.

As for speakers, the ad-hoc coalition plans to bring in live speakers from 6-7 P.M., before the beginning of the forum. The speakers will focus on both service and September 11th. The pre-forum programming will close with a moment of silence for 9/11 victims. The councils hope to get a famous speaker (possibly a celebrity like Angelina Jolie) as part of the program. Bwog will bring you more specifics and reaction as they come in.

UPDATE 11:31 PM: The full plan to be presented to the deans is below the jump



This event is going to be catered towards the undergraduate population of Columbia University in order to supplement the evening discussion on service.  The aim of the event is to harness all of the energy brought about by the ServiceNation Forum.  Our proposal includes two components: a service fair and a speakers program.  The service fair allows current community service groups on campus to promote their work to the larger student population.  In addition, during the service fair we are proposing a service pledge drive and canned food drive to incorporate the mission of the ServiceNation program into our own event.  The speakers program will invite service leaders from both within our own community and leaders on a national level to speak to our student population about their own experiences with service and the importance of incorporating service into ones life.  Our collaboration goals with the administration are outlined below.  In addition we are requesting a food donation from Columbia Housing and Dining.  The specifics of our ideal program components are further outlined below along with our requests for support from the administration. 

We are excited for this opportunity to work on an event of this caliber and magnitude with the administration.  This proposal was written in conjunction with the leaders from the Engineering Student Council, the Columbia College Student Council, the General Studies Student Council, the Barnard College Student Government Association, Community Impact, Columbia Community Outreach, Columbia Political Union, the College Republicans, the College Democrats, Activities Board of Columbia, Student Governing Board, Inter-Greek Council, Columbia Urban Experience, and Double Discovery Center. 

Service Fair Component:

The service fair component of the event is meant to further the awareness and encourage the participation of students in current Columbia University service organizations.  We have reached out to undergraduate student governing boards and have received positive responses.  The community service groups will set up tables with information on how students are able to get involved in their work.  The Columbia Political Union, the College Democrats, and the College Republicans will be joining together to set up a comprehensive voter registration drive throughout the day.  Student organizations from SGA, ABC, IGC and SGB will be at tables promoting the philanthropic aims of their clubs.  The Councils will be staffing pledge card tables to encourage ongoing commitment to service.  In addition, we will have bins for a Canned Food/Non-Perishable Items Drive which will be donated to local soup kitchens/food pantries. 

Speakers Program Component:

It is anticipated that students will begin to congregate to hear the speeches around 6:00pm.  It is proposed that live speeches be given as a prelude to the televised speeches shown at the alternative viewing location.  We would like to utilize this opportunity in which Columbia University is being promoted on a national stage as a leader in service to invite locally and nationally renowned community leaders to address the student population. 

The beginning portion of the program allows for student participation and reflection.  First, we have created an opportunity for students to email pictures of themselves participating in community action.  We will be turning these pictures into a presentation, which will be played on the screen during our portion, augmented by inspirational music to rally the student population.  Student groups have been notified that there will be an open-mic opportunity for students to speak about their own personal experiences with community service as part of the Columbia community. 

The presentations from invited speakers would begin at 6:00 pm.  Our first speaker would be a renowned Columbia service leader who will introduce our invited speakers.  The first speech will focus on public service and the role of volunteers to organizations, stressing the importance of turning one’s passions into an opportunity to serve your community.  The second speech from our wish list of national figures would emphasize the connection on this day of service with 9/11 and align with the goals of the ServiceNation Forum.  Finally, we are asking another service leader from our Columbia community to lead a moment of silence to remember those lost in 9/11. 

Speakers Program Outline:

[Noon – 6:00] Photo Montage/Music

[4:30 – 6:00] Student Open-Mic

[6:00 – 6:10] Introduction

[6:10 – 6:45] 2 Speakers

      -Local Service Professional

      -Service Professional of National Interest

[6:45 – 6:50] Closing 

Administrative Collaboration:

The following is the list of the donations we are requesting from the administration to supplement our event. 

Activities Booths: 

    -75 Tables with tablecloths: location and layout to be determined pending location of screen

    -Budget for printing (brochure, pledge cards, advertising, table layout maps, etc.)

    -Stamps, mailing and copying for voter registration 

    Canned Food Drive:

    -Bins for food collection

    -Label/Poster Board

    -Budget for printing advertisements 

    Donated Food:

    -Donations from Columbia Housing and Dining 

    Speakers Program:

    -Access to screen and sound

    -Raised platform for speakers

    -Sound system (mic and speakers)


    -Speaker contact information and how to approach

    -Timeline for notification

    -Speaker comforts:

    Seat to see speeches

    Gifts complimentary of Columbia

    -Lighting for table locations

    -Information on Rain Location requested 

Speaker List


1. Roger Lehecka 


1. Jack McGourty 

Local Service Professional:

1. Geoffrey Canada

2. Wendy Kopp 

Service Professional of National Interest:

1. Governor Schwarzenegger/Maria Shriver

2. Angelina Jolie

3. Mayor Bloomberg

4. Usher

5. Kenneth Cole

6. Alma Powell

7. Caroline Kennedy