QuickSpec: Wishy-Washy Edition

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wwMayyyyybe Bloomberg will run for reelection

Gamers: beware of exceeding University bandwidth caps, but only sometimes.  In fact, for most of the things you’ll be doing online, you will be fine.

Perhaps the University Senate is a place where debate within the University should take place.  As opposed to debating with kitchen knives.

Wait a second.  Local bars might allow students in occasionally? 

Freshmen: Maybe you should forget what classroom in Hamilton your next club meeting is in, walk into a debate between two warring heads of state, reconcile their differences and then walk out with your Nobel Peace Prize.

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  1. The Dink

    PHISH IS BAAAACK!!!!!!!!!

  2. uh...

    Where the heck did "debating with kitchen knives" come from?

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