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Bwog received an email early this morning from “ted” at CampusGrotto.com. We had never heard of CampusGrotto.com because honestly, have you? Still! They have heard of your Columbia, which they rank 39th in their list of the one hundred most expensive colleges.

CG estimates your tuition to be $37,470, which is about five grand less than the list-topping Bates ($43,950) and only a couple hundred less than the most expensive Ivy, University of Pennsylvania, whose $37,526 in tuition has earned it the #37 spot. Barnard’s $35,973 comes in at #75.

Things switch up a bit when room and board comes into the picture: Columbia ($47,450) ranks 56th and Barnard ($47,898) ranks 39th, but both are less expensive than #30 UPenn, #31 Cornell, and #3 NYU.

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  1. Honestly  

    these costs are out of control. I really don't understand how CU and other Universities can jack up fees at higher than inflation rates on a consistent basis.

  2. I just don't get  

    where the money is going. It's definitely not going to any of the professors I've talked to. Oh wait, it starts with an M and ends with anhattanville.

    • Alum

      That's demonstrably not true. Columbia's tuition has been in line with other top schools for decades. That did not change when the Manhattanville plans were announced, and has not changed since.

  3. Hmm...  

    Would having all of Manhattanville be blighted be called "The Manhattanville Project"?

  4. Alum

    $43,950 minus $37,470 equals $6,480. How is that "about five grand"?

  5. The real difference  

    is how schools like Tulane give scholarships and how CU "meets financial need."

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