Bwog received an email early this morning from “ted” at We had never heard of because honestly, have you? Still! They have heard of your Columbia, which they rank 39th in their list of the one hundred most expensive colleges.

CG estimates your tuition to be $37,470, which is about five grand less than the list-topping Bates ($43,950) and only a couple hundred less than the most expensive Ivy, University of Pennsylvania, whose $37,526 in tuition has earned it the #37 spot. Barnard’s $35,973 comes in at #75.

Things switch up a bit when room and board comes into the picture: Columbia ($47,450) ranks 56th and Barnard ($47,898) ranks 39th, but both are less expensive than #30 UPenn, #31 Cornell, and #3 NYU.