Bwog headed to Roone Cinema this evening ready for our daily dose of lively intellectual discourse, today’s source being the first of three debates between the College Democrats and Republicans on issues pertinent to the upcoming election. We settled into our cushy seat surrounded by a vast sea of argyle sweaters and watched the games begin.

Tonight’s debate, hosted by the CPU, focused on foreign policy and energy solutions. Each side was told to stick to their respective party platforms, even if their personal views differed. The Dems kicked off the night, using their precious 120 allotted seconds to discuss the various failings they found with the Bush Administration, calling the War in Iraq “stupid” and explaining the economic policies of the Administration as forming a collective “wrecking ball to the economy.”

The Dems and Repubs engaged in some back-and-forth about Iraq, the Repubs noting that Obama’s “cut and run” would lead to “defeat.” Both sides acknowledged that Iranian possession of a nuclear weapon would be the “sum of all fears.” The Dems and Repubs differed greatly on their views about the role of the U.N, the young freshman Republican in a finely tailored suit argued that the U.N is “quite simply, not working” while the increasingly flustered Dems called for the U.S to maintain its active role in the U.N and abide by U.N sanctions. 

Discussion of energy inevitably lead to discussion of foreign oil which lead in turn to a discussion of this summer’s Georgian Crisis. One Dem debater admitted that Russia’s actions were both “over the top” and “pretty outrageous” but maintained that it was a time for level-headed talks with both sides, prompting the response from the Repubs that Russia was simply “the aggressor” in the Conflict.

The debate continued with its fair share of political cliches to warm us up for tomorrow’s second presidential candidate debate — McCain was said to “walk the walk, but not talk the talk.” Bwog couldn’t help but notice a fair amount of smirking at the Republicans’ table, and mouthing-along and wild gesticulating between partners on the Democrats’ side.

The show was over a little after 9 PM, at which point the Democrats had firmly established that McCain’s record in the Senate is “not good” and the Republicans heralded their claim that our country “faces unprecedented challenges that we’ve never faced before.”

Bwog gave all involved a hearty round of applause and left Lerner, our minds abuzz. The next College Dems vs Repubs debate will be October 15, followed by a watch party for an actual presidential debate.

Photo by Liz Naiden