With the election a mere week away and the presidential candidates making their final appeals to voters in swing states tirelessly this week, it seems that Columbia political science professors have been all but missing out on the action.  That is of course, until now. 

According to the popular electoral projections website fivethirtyeight.com, founded in March by baseball sabermetrics whiz Nate Silver, a calculation of the odds of your vote actually deciding the outcome of the upcoming election in the contested states of New Mexico, New Hampshire, Virginia or Colorado yielded a whopping 1 in 10,000,000 chance. 

Five Thirty Eight (the grand total of electors in the American electoral college) gleaned this information from the recent and ever-so-sleek projection of none other than Silver’s good friend, Columbia professor Andrew Gelman, author of Red State, Blue State

Bwog invites you to look at Gelman’s nifty electoral regression and chuckle at how meaningless your vote actually might prove to be this year.