Because We Know You’re Already Worrying About Next Year Too

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Bwog Daily Editor James Downie was procrastinating by… scoping out the 2009 academic calendar. How else? Anyway, bad news: enjoy reading week this semester, because next fall term, there’ll only a “Study Day.” 

“Oh no!” you say? Oh yes. Exams run from Wednesday to Wednesday, rather than Friday to Friday, meaning that we have just a solitary day of preparation: Tuesday, December 15th, 2009. Break itself is shorter too; just 26 days, assuming you get out on that Wednesday.

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  1. thank god  

    i'm a senior!

  2. wow  

    glad i'm a senior. that is just terrible!

  3. confused...  

    why the change?

  4. free food!!!!!  

    bwog there's free food in roone arledge right now if you're willing to look at some poster boards about the manhattanville expansion

  5. but  

    it seems more like a reaction to MLK day being early than anything else. this way we get a break closer to 4 weeks than 3. and SP10 is back to the normal Tuesday-Thursday reading "week" anyway.

  6. but #2  

    as an English major I feel I have to add "not that I have exams anyway."

  7. did you notice  

    that classes don't start until sept 8th?

  8. its called

    so finals dont conflict with jesus' birthday

  9. 1+1=2  

    It's clearly because Labor Day is six days later next year than it was this year. Pushing everything forward by six days, that would send this year's exam schedule to December 18th-25th. As Godless as our liberal institution is, even it doesn't want to make us take exams on Christmas.

  10. class of 2009

    haha, suckers!!!

  11. damn  

    it feels good to be a senior.

  12. this sucksss  

    great, FUCKING great. im going abroad that spring which means that i have one week before i have to be in london. i am livid.

  13. lol  

    Why not just start classes a week earlier? Sure, it's nice for upperclassmen to have a 3-day weekend to move in, but it seems like the better solution to the Christmas problem is just moving in the week earlier.

  14. umm no way  

    so if i have finals on that last wednesday then I have to fly home on christmas eve day....damn tickets are going to be expensive as hell

  15. awesome  

    Classes don't start until Sept. 8?? That means I can go to Burning Man!!

  16. this sucks  

    fat crusty dick

  17. CC07

    Yeah they did this in the fall of 04 too. It sucked.

  18. wow  

    we should definitely start classes before labor day... that's gonna suck something massive

  19. Johnny  

    I noticed this since last year. Seriously, Can ccsc do anything about this? The solution is really easy…Just move everything up a week and have us start school earlier than labor day. A lot of Columbia students don’t live in the area, and flights home on Dec. 23 and 24 are really expensive. The administration already fucks everyone over by waiting to announce the exam dates until November, and this is an even bigger load of shit.

  20. to make up for it...  

    ...i heard we're going to have a whole week of homecoming. best trade EVER.

  21. cc2010  

    someone get the councils on this shit!

  22. lol ccsc  

    No sorry they have to do stuff that most people did not elect them to do, eg: NROTC, trying to run around with student groups, and so forth.

  23. another senior

    Does the administration just get worse every single year? It's not as if we really even have a reading week as it is. The priority in scheduling should be to produce a semester of fixed length, with a fixed and fair exam period. Labor Day should not set the parameters of the entire calendar. Anyway, good that I'm a senior.

  24. please, adil?  

    ...and whoever's doing policy for next year? or whoever can do something about this? does columbia just want to make its students cry ALL THE TIME?

  25. WTF  


  26. poor boy are going to be extremely expensive. So now not only do I get to fail my exams, I also don't get to celebrate christmas at home.
    once again, columbia sucks.

  27. ummmmmm  

    We need to get someone on this. Also, remember that professors don't want to stay until the 23rd either. We are also entitled to the registrar set date so they can't exactly get around it by setting the final on an earlier date. Get some professors and the student body on this!

  28. Wow

    I'm glad I got out when I did.

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