With the first polls a little under a half-hour away from closing, we know that your election anxiety is mounting. Therefore, to ease your anticipation a bit, Bwog proudly brings you a roundup of its favorite election day liveblogs to keep you ahead of the game tonight as the first polls close up shop for good and the results start trickling in.

The most comprehensive aggregator of election liveblogs is Huffington Post.  Be sure to check here for their exhaustive listing of editorial liveblogs, streaming video, poll closing times, nifty electoral maps, election widgets, and even some Intrade predictions.

The Booth and Beyond, an election liveblog run for twelve hours today by SIPA’s Morningside Post, includes commentary from Columbia professors as well as submissions from academics around the globe is another spot for election information that Bwog likes today.  FiveThirtyEight celebrity Andrew Gelman might even make an appearance later on in the evening as well.

Be sure to check after the jump for a full list of election liveblogs to carry you through late into the night!

If you know of any election liveblogs, polling data sites, or election hubs that are particularly scintillating that Bwog may have missed be sure to let us know at bwog@columbia.edu.