Another dreary Saturday morning in November brings you another cheerful edition of Saturday morning cartoons – this time in bigger and more legible font! Enjoy!



“I love just hanging out in my favorite chair.”

By Edward Koren from The New Yorker


“Greg tries to be philosophical about things.”

By Leo Cullum from The New Yorker

 “Nowadays my safaris are green.”

By Mike Twohy from The New Yorker

“No, we’re not eliminating your position, Fischer.  We’re eliminating your salary.”

By Christopher Weyant from The New Yorker

“Black is the new black.”

By Pat Byrnes from The New Yorker

“Got anything else?”

“Does not look hypoallergenic.”

By Tom Toles from The Washington Post

“Hopefully this will get you up to speed!!”

By Kevin Kallaugher from The Economist

“And the latest on Sarah Palin’s clothes…”

By Signe Wilkinson from The Washington Post