Here at the Bwog, we’re fans of the underdog, the little guy, you know, the little train that could so to speak.  So when it comes to consumerism, corporations and all that jazz, we support locally-owned independent businesses.  As detailed in the current issue of The Blue and White, Morningside Heights unfortunately has succumbed to the fetters of the chain gang in recent years. 

But today, November 22nd is America Unchained Day, a holiday celebrating locally-owned businesses that have remained free from corporate conquest.  No holiday, however, can be properly celebrated without an obligatory sale.  You’ve heard of Memorial Day sales, you’ve heard of Independence Day sales, you’ve heard of Labor Day sales,  but today Book Culture brings you something new –  an America Unchained Day Sale! From now until 8 PM, Book Culture, is hosting a special one day  sale and book event: 10% off everything in the store, excluding text books and periodicals! 

The sale offers an excellent way to get started on your holiday shopping and at the same to make the most of your money.  And the best part is this is conscientious consumerism: you’ll be supporting (and injecting potentially millions more dollars) into the local economy.  Tis the season, after all. 

Don’t forget, you can also embrace the spirit of the holiday at other locally owned Morningside Heights establishments, like Janoff’s, Mondel’s Chocolate and if you’re feeling particularly charitable, the Morningside Bookshop.