While you’re trundling through another night of studying for this year’s exams (or have joined the lucky few who are done), let’s look ahead to the New Year. More specfically, CC ’10 VP (and potential presidential candidate) Sue Yang got in touch with Bwog about how next year’s “Study Day” conundrum is being handled. 

Two options remain on the table, in slightly different format from what was proposed a few weeks ago. The first, canceling class on the last Monday of the semester, and giving students three more days to study, remains intact. The second option keeps the idea of using Sunday as an exam day, but, instead of shifting the start time back, “this would allow us to end exams on Tuesday December 22 instead of Wednesday December 23.” In short, if both were adopted:

  • Classes would end on Friday the 11th.
  • “Study Period” would run Saturday the 12th to Tuesday the 15th
  • Exams would run from Wednesday the 16th to Tuesday the 22nd, except for the Saturday in between.

As for administration approval, Yang informed Bwog that CC Dean of Academic Affairs Kathryn Yatrakis “personally sees no issues facing these solutions,” but the steps have to be cleared by the university registrar. “Whether we can pursue one or both of these options will depend on the response received from the Registrar,” said Yang, “Ideally, we would be able to implement both.”

As for interschool cooperation, ESC president Peter Valeiras  has apparently obtained SEAS administration support for both steps, and the deans have also suggested a third option: a 10pm-1am exam time slot. Bwog thinks that may be taking the whole “city that never sleeps” idea a little too far.