Credit where it’s due: ever since Bwog noted the strange existence of next winter’s Study Day, the student councils have been working to make the best of a bad calendaring situation (the academic calendar that spawned study day was set into place back in the 90s). And now according to CC 2010 VP Sue Yang, a solution could be but a month away. 

Last night, ESC joined CCSC in passing a resolution (authored by multiple representatives, including Yang and ESC President Peter Valeiras) that offered two possible solutions: either canceling classes on the Monday before exams, or holding exams on the Sunday of exam period in order to start them on Thursday rather than Wednesday. The resolution has been sent to the school deans, and will be presented to the Committee on Instruction on February 4th. By mid-February, “a solution will hopefully be confirmed and implemented.”

As for other ESC business, last night’s meeting saw the ’09 class council announce that graduating seniors in ABET-accredited majors can join the “Order of the Engineer” (Bwog wants the regalia to include water buffalo hats). Also, ESC Student Services Representative Emma Lebwohl is currently working with the management of Dodge Fitness Center to move the signup for cardio training machines online.