A new year means a new session of CUAssassins. Assassins reports for those unlucky souls who have been “killed” since the game began on Saturday at midnight are beginning to filter in from the front (aka “everywhere”).

Among the lessons learned from the first batch of kill reports: Agent “Cinnamon”  learned “Never say, ‘come in!!!'” and Agent “Potato” learned “CU democrats meetings arent so safe afterall…”

But the best kill report (so far) is of course the most extensive: Agent “iPod” was tragically killed while eating at Ollie’s, with his nameless assassin reporting that “Guilt, panic and utter shame warred on his increasingly suffused complexion. The realization of the irony of his own comments while eating, “I don’t want to be the first to die…” His last words before departure were, “Thanks for ruining my entire second semester.” A little bit dramatic, but it made me feel good.” Keep ’em coming, would-be 47s.