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SIC(K) Housing

Everyone’s favorite lottery process, also known as “Housing,” has begun, and the housing office announced two new SICs opening up next year. That’s Special Interest Communities, for you rising sophomores who haven’t looked them up during your desperate search for a single.

On top of the seven others that will roll over from 2008 (there are eight on the webpage, but, fittingly, the economics house is shutting down after this year), 114 Rue de Fleurus, a creative writing house/pretentious name pioneer, and GreenBurough, a house that’s–well–Green, are joining the fray.

Rue de Fleurus will be on the second floor of Wien and plans to host writing workshops and lectures. Residents will also relish the only time in their lives that creative writing will get them a house. GreenBurough will be in a townhouse on 114th next to Potluck house, and coordinator Liz Allocco says the house will require members to do things “like using drying racks instead of dryers and timing our showers.” In other words, whatever your parents made you do for a day after seeing An Inconvienient Truth. G-Burough also plans to try composting their waste in worm bins, which, if the wind is blowing the wrong way, may cause Potluck to lose its appetite.

For the rest of Columbia, the housing hunt will continue…


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  • WHHAAT!? says:

    @WHHAAT!? this is bull. what happened to the art house?

  • Advice to Rising Seniors says:

    @Advice to Rising Seniors Get into groups of 6 and go for EC Townhouses. They are without a doubt the best housing on campus. Watt studios are nice, but pretty anti-social.

  • how says:

    @how can i apply to greenburough?

  • Greenburough says:

    @Greenburough hoorah!

    1. Re: Greenburough says:

      @Re: Greenburough double hoorah! sustainability is important.

  • SIC says:

    @SIC Should stand for Socialists, Ideologues and Communists housing, because most of these “communities” are little more than hippie bullshit (except for the Substance Free House, they’re just losers).

    1. Yeah! says:

      @Yeah! There should be a house based on conflict and mutual disrespect.

  • really? says:

    @really? worms? There’s going to be a crowd of worms running around?

  • really says:

    @really They gave the “greenborough” the townhouse? REALLY? Not cool, there were way more ligit possibilities.

    1. For example, says:

      @For example, give it to the “We desperately need dedicated space to learn how to spell” house? That would be “ligit,” maybe even two ligit too kwit?

    2. Envirodouche says:

      @Envirodouche The Director of Environmental Stewardship is basically the OMA for white people. Anything “green” or “sustainable” is gonna be an easy sell to the administration.

      Props to Greenborough for knowing how to play the game.

      But I hope for their sake that they’re not serious about the shower-timing thing.

      1. oh but they are serious says:

        @oh but they are serious That’s why envirodouchettes have hippie juice collecting in their armpits. No time to shave!

  • somone says:

    @somone put an army/soviet cap on Hamilton . . . Didn’t get a picture, but you might want to check it out, Bwog. Not that exciting, but amusing nonetheless

  • desperate in general says:

    @desperate in general nice housing, wanna fuck?

    1. platonically desperate says:

      @platonically desperate Fucking? I love the abstract nature of fucking!

  • desperate for housing says:

    @desperate for housing where/when can we get more details on this?

    1. tough stuff says:

      @tough stuff new SICs have to fill up their housing roster as part of the application process in order to be considered, so you can’t apply to them for their first year. and bwog, you spelled borough wrong.

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