While you despair/rejoice/fret over your housing number, some other news to take your mind off singles and square feet: the “Study Day Project” has been resolved! Presumptive CCSC President Sue Yang filled Bwog in on the details:

  • Registrar John Carter and Brady Sloan have determined that there will be 2 study days next semester: Tuesday, December 15, and Wednesday, December 16, (as opposed to just Tuesday December 15).
  • Why isn’t the last Monday of classes cancelled? “New York State Law prevents us from canceling the final Monday of classes; it requires a certain number of Mondays, Tuesdays, etc. of classes every semester.”
  • “Exams are being shifted around to accommodate this change,” and “measures will be taken to ensure that future conflict does not arise over this issue.”
  • Yang also told Bwog, “I think the Study Day issue and its resolution are a good model of how council can facilitate interactions between students and administrative bodies to bring students the change they want to see,” and insisted on giving a shout-out the Committee on Instruction’s Student Representatives, Yiliu Shen-Burke and Brendan Price.

In case you didn’t already figure the symbolism out, New York State Law = “the man.”

The effect: the exam period will run from Thursday (the 17th) to Wednesday (the 23rd), with Saturday and Sunday still off, and there will just be more exams within those four days. You may now continue with plans to skip your last Monday class.