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Free Food: “Coffee and Performances” at Broadway Sky Lounge

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Campus Crusade for Christ, along with its buddies the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, the Remnant (no, not replicant) Christian Fellowship, and the oft-maligned Korea Campus Crusade for Christ, is hosting the ReCharge “Cofeehouse” tonight from 8-10.  Head over to 114th and Broadway to sip some free coffee and see Kayte Grace (of Gossip Girl fame) do her singer-songwriter thing.  Don’t forget, also, to consider accepting God’s love while you’re there.

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  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous lol

  • kccc says:

    @kccc exorcisms!!!!!

  • I believe says:

    @I believe the coffeehouse is a week from today. Just fyi.

  • there will be says:

    @there will be free exorcisms as well

  • Surfin' UWS says:

    @Surfin' UWS I sin extra hard to make up for these freaks. (Religious freedom be damned; you exorcise your fellow student you’re due for the loony bin)

    Lets masturbate to stolen porn, yall!

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous it’s always astounding to me that at a school where tolerance and respect are the “pillars” that we love to talk about, that blog entries like this and comments like these ever exist. if an entry was written in a bitter and satirical way about an event for a Muslim or gay organization, for example, there would be outrage (we tread on egg shells to not offend certain groups) – but sadly, it is the reality of Columbia culture to malign Christians without a second thought. interesting.

    1. Agreed. says:

      @Agreed. So true – just let them do their thing.

    2. Oh please. says:

      @Oh please. All of the comments have been about their exorcism of a fellow student last semester.

      Don’t delude yourself you overly PCnes so you can pat yourself on the back; that’s laughable.

      It’s not the group or their overall Faith that’s being targeted by these jokes; it’s their practice. If you can’t understand that, well grammar failed you.

      To work on the “examples” you gave, it would be the ludicrous of a gay organization recruitment drive or a Muslim conversion chamber being built in Lerner.

      Ridiculous is ridiculous is ridiculous.

      1. oh please....#2 says:

        @oh please....#2 Pardon my typos. I’mm not exactly in the soberest of states at the moment. A nap will do me good.

  • I love says:

    @I love Kayte!

  • Religion says:

    @Religion is weird. Get over it. The exorcisms were probably not initiation rituals but something voluntarily entered into. #6 is right. There would be outrage if that song from the VShow preview were about another group’s equally weird tradition. Whatever happened to our beloved cultural relativism? Just because Christianity is considered Western does not make you part of it. Some parts of it are foreign to you, and that makes you uncomfortable, so you make fun of it. Awesome.

    All religions have crazy practices.

    Speaking of which . . . When is Holi? BEST. HOLIDAY. EVER.

    1. Hey, FU says:

      @Hey, FU As what I consider to be a faithful christian please don’t lump us all in with these weirdos.

      There are degrees of religious practices and these guys crossed a line that I think deserves all the venom they’re getting. Just like there are extreme liberals, conservatives and PETA member. When your behavior reaches this level, you can’t expect to hide under an entire faith.

      PS. NO that student did not enter the exorcism voluntarily.

    2. Agreed says:

      @Agreed HOLI FTW.

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