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Stop panicking about lil’ piggy flu.  We’ve found a way to make it politically incorrect.

The only reason we have a potential pandemic is all those corrupt doctors.  Free Viagra be damned, we want our vaccine!

The 2013’s are signing away their souls (on Facebook).  Columbia has the fewest downsides—compared to Cornell.

Hopefully they’ll face better economic times.  One Columbia graduate has found fame in, erm, illicit affairs.

For the rest of us, Yankees’ seats are becoming more affordable (if you were paying thousands of dollars to begin with).

Leave all of that behind.  If you’re stuck at home because the big, bad economy took your job, rest assured that it’s the best for your GPA.

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  1. bunch of

    dead links. :-(

  2. andrew kim  

    the columbia with the fewest downsides in that article is Columbia College in Chicago.

    • can't  

      tell if you're being sarcastic, but just in case:

      “It just kind of captured what I wanted in a university,” Georgia said. She sent in her deposit on April 27, posted her decision on Facebook and ordered a Columbia University T-shirt online.

  3. specifically  

    The two Google hosted news links don't work

  4. Anish  

    Fixed - thanks!

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