Bwoglines: He’s Back, Doing Dinner and a Show

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The Helmsley Hotel has cancelled a banquet scheduled for next weekafter learning that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was expected to attend and speak.  Ahmadinejad, shown, growls toothily in response.  (NY Post)

The summer’s high incidence of shoplifting has inspired storeowners’ increased attention to securityFilling your Tupperware with free salmon dip at Westside Market just got more exciting. (Spec)

Gay marriage-advocating politicians tell audience “politicians are weak.” Next week: do they really like kissing babies? (Spec)

NYC comptroller William Thompson is airing his first mayoral campaign ads today, and “he will receive a major political endorsement, from Gov. David A. Paterson, in Manhattan.” In other news, the word “major” has been redefined as “completely useless, will likely drag down the endorsed’s numbers.” (NYT)

A Connecticut school bus driver has been arrested after leaving a sleeping five-year-old alone on the floor of his bus for over an hour.  Now that’s just nasty… (1010WINS)

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  1. ...  

    good on them. it's nice to see that in the absence of mrs. helmsley, the whole chain hasn't gone to the dogs.

  2. surely

    surely the helmsley respects free speech and would appreciate letting mr. ahmadinejad speak...after its manager tears into him with petty insults? leading first amendment experts agree that this is definitely the way to handle such a situation.

    • Anonymous

      yes--it's a hotel, i.e. a private entity run by an individual or individuals. these individual(s), too, have the right to free speech an in this case have opted to exercise that right by denying a thug dictator his soapbox. so, in truth, i think leading first amendment scholars would acknowledge the hotel's right to do as it wishes.

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