Yo Columbia, Bwoglines is really happy for you

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And we’re gonna let you finish, but…

New York City has some of the highest unemployment of all time. (NYT)

We’ve also got some of the lowest homicide rates of all time. (AP)

Columbia’s Joseph Massad has one of the most protested tenures of all time. (Manhattan Institute)

The new swine flu nasal spray is one of the speediest vaccinations of all time. (NYT)

Street food vendors have some of the scariest beef of all time. (Gothamist)

Columbia’s old Rembrandt is one of the most expensive paintings of all time. (TimesOnline)

Butler’s own James Franco wields one of the biggest flamethrowers of all time. (BestWeekEver)


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  1. i wonder  

    what other treasures columbia is hiding from us

    • Alum

      Columbia sold that painting more than 30 years ago. It is now being sold by a subsequent owner.

      The painting was donated on the condition that Columbia later sell it and use the proceeds (I think) to endow a professorship.

      • news

        The article to which the headline which mentioned the painting is linked mentions those very facts. In light of that, I don't know what is more interesting, the fact that you revealed it as if it were privileged knowledge or the fact that the headline on this page doesn't acknowledge the contents of the article in the link? Excuse my sarcastic mood.

  2. GSer  

    Why does student services tell us that CVS on Amsterdam and 96th accepts FLEX when they do not? (According to the manager of the store when I was there...) Why do I have to now go out-of-pocket for drug co-pays instead of using the Flex monies I had budgeted for this expense? Thanks alot Columbia student "services"!

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