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dunstColumbia Film has snagged another star — Bwog tipster Margaret Herman spotted Kirsten Dunst lounging on one of leather benches outside 511 Dodge.  According to Film Dept TA Chanelle Elaine, Dunst is set to star in a film directed by a Columbia faculty member.  Now that he’s got some competition, maybe James Franco won’t hide quite so conspicuously behind that Giants cap.

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  • I blew says:

    @I blew James Franco and yes he was wearing his Giant’s hat

  • font says:

    @font go back to georgiaaaaa

  • Wait? says:

    @Wait? Jonathan Taylor Thomas goes here?(!)

    1. yes says:

      @yes I had music hum with him.

  • we are the torros says:

    @we are the torros James Franco is taking Intro to Film here this semester, he finally started showing up to class (wearing the giants hat yesterday, not today)

    1. Yeah says:

      @Yeah It was funny, he definitely wasn’t wearing it when I was staring into his apartment yesterday, but today he had a restraining order! Totally weirrrrd!

  • curious says:

    @curious what class do jtt and franco take?

    1. person says:

      @person JTT was in my friend’s anthro class last semester, but idk what he’s taking this semester. and franco is only taking classes at nyu this semester (remember the whole queer film studies post on bwog about it??), but he’s at columbia for a masters in writing, so i suppose he’s taking writing courses. today, though, he was sitting in on sarris’ auteur study: alfred hitchcock class….

  • ahhh!! says:

    @ahhh!! I would have asked her out had I seen her

  • whateva says:

    @whateva I had class with JTT, so…

  • ... says:

    @... I’m bitchin, great hair, the boys all love to stare

  • BIG RED says:


  • actually ... says:

    @actually ... franco was hatless today. he probably realized that no one cares …

    1. witness says:

      @witness actually, he did have his hat – he took it off during class… but yes, he had it.

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