Real fish.  Or is it?

Recently, members of Columbia’s staunch vegan community have accused John Jay of mislabeling non-vegan food with the “VN” stamp.  Specifically, students have reported suspicions that the vegan-labeled eggplant parmesan and the turkey burger plates just plain can’t be.

Vicki Dunn, Director of Columbia Dining Services, responded immediately to pacify students.  “From time to time, we do get new products like turkey burgers that are actually vegan.”  She also addressed doubts about the Italian favorite with, “We do make eggplant parm with soy cheese.”

Columbia Dietitian-in-Chief, Ina Tsagarakis, affirmed this with her testament that “Vegan items have absolutely no animal products.”  The vegetarian label, less strict than the vegan label, refers to lacto-ovo vegetarian items.

 But still, to make sure that students are not deceived, Dunn ordered a “review [of] the menu procedure” with staff to ensure its accuracy.  You can rest assured that any “vegan sausage” is actually meat-free, but we can’t guarantee that it’s tasty.

– Sarah Camiscoli