Student Gov Roundup: A Survey On Space, Nothing on Smoking

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The latest from the world of student government:

  • As part of the push to open more rooms for student use (after the giant disappointment that was the opening of Lerner 6), the four councils have secured space in Broadway and Schapiro for future student group use.  To help determine the best use of the space, students from all four undergraduate colleges are being asked to fill out a “Campus Space Survey.”
  • University Senate sources tell Bwog that any Senate action on the smoking ban is “a long way off,” and the ban is not popular with many Senators.  As for the survey, student government members tell Bwog that the release of students’ UNIs requires signoff from a dean in each school, which has slowed the release of the survey.
  • After last week’s passage of the resolution on “gender-neutral housing,” the various Deans are now “in conversation,” and said conversation should finish before Winter Break.
  • Both ESC and CCSC passed a resolution creating a Varsity Show Technical Fund; the show ended last year with a large surplus, and hopes to use the money to help other arts groups. The fund will be administrated by CCSC, ESC, and GSSC (which is voting on the resolution tonight).
  • In today’s most ironic development, CUIT has told CCSC that it is open to switching to a Google App for that mail system you forward to Gmail Cubmail. Ever better: CUIT claims it’s always been open to switching, but students just forwarded their email to Gmail instead of complaining.

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  1. What?  

    Varsity Show Technical Fund? How the hell did that happen? Did years of guilt and resentment from other arts groups finally pay off?

  2. Ugh  

    How could a smoking ban be unpopular with other people?! If you want to kill yourselves, fine, but there's no need to harm other people with your smoke and smells.

  3. some studies

    suggest the threat of second hand smoke is greatly exaggerated.

  4. well

    We always knew that CUIT was incredibly ass-backwards at assessing student demand. Each time a student council has approached CUIT about building a portal site, CUIT has insisted that there's not demand for it. The respective student councils have been flabbergasted each time at CUIT's refusal to treat their repeated requests for one as evidence of demand. Oh, Columbia...

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