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The LLC hopefuls heard this afternoon from Scott Helfrich, the Associate Director of Residential Programs. Those who like sprawling kitchens and want to emulate Jack Kerouac applied early to live in Hartley and Wallach, presenting recommendations from their RAs.

Those lucky enough to have been allotted their first choice now avoid the stress and uncertainty that accompanies the regular housing lottery. For everyone who did not receive good news, Bwog wishes you the best of luck when the regular room selection begins on March 1st.

Cutoff History now updated for 2009-10. Details after the jump.

To assess your chances, take a look at the Cutoff History for the last few years. This indicates the year [number 1] and lottery number / [number 2] of the last room of whichever type.

number 1:
30 = rising senior
20 = rising junior
10 = rising sophomore

number 2:
lottery numbers range from 1-3000, independent of number 1.

The order in which you pick is first determined by number 1, then by number 2.  For example, 30/1463 means that the last room of whatever type was taken by a senior with lottery number 1463.

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  1. what?  

    These cutoff histories totally aren't accurate. Or at least, the cutoff for Schapiro singles (and I think Broadway singles, too) from last year is definitely wrong or I would be living there, not Wien.

  2. ahh!!!  

    real monsters

    so good

  3. ummm......  

    Jack Kerouac was the reason I lived in Wallach freshmen year. Only time he ever let me down . . .

  4. anyone know?  

    is there a penalty if you got into llc but don't want to do it anymore?

  5. the title  

    i love the old-school nickelodeon reference!

  6. well  

    a lot of the "cutoff numbers" posted by housing are flat out wrong. for example, they list 16 total ruggles 4 person suites. there are only 8 of them. furthermore, there are only 4 that are actually available to 4 person groups, since half of them will be split between an RA, RA Rider and a group of 2 that will pick in during the lottery.

    that also makes the 10/576 cutoff highly suspect. do they mean 30/576?

  7. Fleeing from the LLC

    I don't understand who in the right mind would "voluntarily" live in the LLC. Scott Helfrich is more of a poorly trained and groomed monkey than a univeristy administrator.

  8. Fire!!!  

    @ Deluxe! I'm bored in Butler and want details

  9. Anonymous  

    everyone in mcbain is kicked out for a bunch of hours

  10. SEAS '10  

    I hated hearing this every year, but now I see why. I am SO GLAD I'm a senior and I don't have to deal with housing bullshit anymore!! YESSSSSSSS

  11. Aron  

    Is the registration site working for you guess, my email produces a The page cannot be found error


  12. a senior  

    while EC truly is great, beware the PAPER thin walls. You can hear everything. I would still heartily recommend it, however. just be prepared

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