Today marks the start of Columbia Engineering Week, and SEAS kids are all excited about their annual seven days in the spotlight. To formally usher in E-Week, ESC is holding Opening Ceremonies tonight from 6pm to 8pm in Roone Arledge Auditorium, where there will be free food and shirts (likely rife with silly engineering puns!) for SEAS students.

Perhaps more importantly though, the start of E-Week signals the return of a campus tradition, CUAssassins. Yes, the campus-wide water pistol-shooting game that makes legends and shatters dreams starts again this week. So grab together your team of four and round up $20; registration for CUAssassins starts today at Opening Ceremonies and continues at every E-Week event until Saturday, February 20th, when the game officially commences during E-Week’s Closing Ceremonies. Registration tables will be outside events in Roone or elsewhere in Lerner.

Bwog knows that now begins a time of anxiety when one even fears to walk to class alone and wishes all happy hunting! …If only to provide us with fodder and other mischief generally associated with anything related to people older than 10 and water guns.

Full E-Week schedule after the jump.