Bwog’s ESC Correspondent Sean Zimmermann writes from tonight’s meeting:

Chad Miller, the Arts Initiative’s Event and Outreach Coordinator opened ESC’s meeting this week. Miller confirmed that the TIC has been asked to cut 30% of their budget by the Office of the President. The cut was not ordered by the School of the Arts. The Arts Initiative was informed last November that the TIC would be transferred from the Office of the President to the School of the Arts. Miller explained that the cuts will not come out of tickets; the TIC would find other ways to cut costs. He explained that lunch with the Arts Initiative will no longer include lunch; it will be “chat with the Arts Initiative.”

UPDATE: We’ve been informed that it’s actually the Arts Initiative, not the TIC specifically, that is receiving the 30% budget cut. The Arts Initiative includes ArtsLink, Passport to New York, Columbia Alumni Arts League, the Gatsby Charitable Foundation Student Arts Support Fund and Lunch with the Arts Initiative. Adjustments to the Lunch with the Arts Initiative are still undetermined.

Expect updates and details in the next few days.