Boringside Heights: Blue Java Is the New Oren’s!

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Bwog’s most beloved feature returns with breaking headlines. Instead of weekly round-ups, we’ll be reporting the most insignificant of minutiae as they transform your daily life. No longer shall you anxiously hang on for the report, wondering, ‘How can my life be more boring??’

Blue Java introduces a new loyalty card. There was a definite sense of excitement in the air as a Butler Cafe barista explained that patrons should request the card in the case that they forget!

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  1. Anonymous

    *barista. cmon bwog...

  2. Um...  

    No, Barrista. Or better yet. Barrrrrista.
    Unless he or she lacks a pirate, gold tooth and wooden leg, in which case "barista" is more accurate.

  3. Nobler  

    You mean reintroduced.

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