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Lottery numbers—yeah, we’ve been incessantly refreshing just like you. Log into StarRezPortal, go to “Applications,” select next year, and your lottery number is under “Registration Summary.”

So. How’s that Claremont suite looking now? Remember to look over our housing updates, info, advice, strategies, gossip and overheards and breakdowns here. Remember: it’s the 2010 Housing Lottery: Your Best Mistake Ever!

Update: All lottery numbers have been posted sorted by priority and UNI. How we envy you, jrs2171. And Godspeed, ie2139. May your future be shaftless.

Update 2: Overheard in a class with laptops out:

Professor: “I’m curious to know what was on that screen…” (after seeing a student behave irregularly)
Student: “Lottery numbers are out!”
Professor: “Housing lottery numbers… I’m sorry. No really, I’m sorry. I know that process really sucks.”

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  1. lottery scale  

    can someone post what = good, what = bad for each class? i.e. did i get a good lottery # or not?

  2. Anonymous  

    Or at least does someone know how many there are total

  3. This

    is the worst day ever.

    Another year of climbing a step stool to get into my bed. :(

  4. I'm no statistician..but  

    no ruggles suite for me! fuck...

  5. gosh darn

    2/3 years my number has been 2600ish or worse. what I have done to upset you, oh fates!

  6. Anonymous  


  7. Anonymous  

    Seriously... sometimes I think housing should be prioritized according to gpa

  8. shit  

    30/2771 in general selection... hello, wein :'(

  9. Anonymous  

    where can one find the list of cut off lottery numbers for housing??

  10. Are you there, God?

    If "y" is the number of four-person suites available, my group is number "y+1" in line by priority. I could fucking cry.

    In fact, I think I will.

  11. Explain  

    going with 30 points and # 1167 as a lottery number - what does this mean!?!
    Bwog friends help!

    • oh lord  

      Mariela, I will give you the benefit of the doubt cuz you transferred from Brown. But seriously, look up the info you need on the housing site and wikicu. Don't make us do your research for you.

  12. "wise" senior  

    kids, i was in the bottom 10% three years straight. i made it through all right. however, i'm still using this as a reason to refuse to donate to columbia, ever. wien was really that horrible.

  13. meooooowwww  

    can you get RIVER with #300s and 20points?

    what is better a 150-160sf single in Nussbaum or a 130sf in Broadway

  14. confused  

    I'm confused about the suite selection lottery number. Is this an average of all of the group's numbers? So if we break up and go to general selection, do we receive our own individual lottery numbers? if so, how do I see my individual lottery number rather than see the suite selection lottery number.

    any help would be much appreciated. thanks.

  15. actually reads housing info  

    Higher "priority" averages (10-soph, 20-jun, 30-sen) go first. So 30 point groups go first, then say 26.66666, so on and so forth. Within each priority average, lower numbered lottery numbers go first (1 is best, 3000 is worst). If you're signed up for suite selection, you all have the same lottery number. If you break up, you still have the same lotto number as everyone else in your group, BUT you get your individual priority number (so the older kids in your group aren't completely left out in the cold).

    • Pretty sure  

      groups dropping from Suite to General get the option of keeping the hybrid point value or each taking their own. Moral of the story: underclassmen, be nice to the elders in your group.

      • are you sure?

        i think if you drop to general, you keep the suite lottery number but not the suite priority. that's what i got from reading the housing info anyway. bwog, care to settle this?

  16. Anonymous

    does anyone know how high up in broadway/schapiro you need to be to get a nice view?

  17. its come to this  

    or are they about the same?

    • well

      it depends how important a single is to you.

      I got the 2nd to last number when I was a rising soph. I chose mcbain shaft because I found wein to be depressing. dark, kitchen-less, unfriendly, long narrow asylum hallways. only a microwave on each floor. you could be on a floor without a bathroom of your gender. most of the floors in the rooms are 1970's looking linoleum. I hated the location too... the dark isolated courtyard. pros would be the sinks, the lovely views from the higher floors, and the fact that some of the renovated bathrooms are snazzy.

      mcbain is brighter and more cheerful, despite the disrepair. kitchen on every floor, happier atmosphere, either carpeted or faux-wood floors, little gym on the first floor. the shaft is loud on weekends, but honestly that's preferable to eerie emptiness I felt when visiting friends in wein. great location, I loved living above milano.

  18. how many

    of the 6 person suites are occupied by frats or special interest communities?

  19. Anonymous  

    is it possible to get a broadway single with 20 2000?

  20. Anonymous  

    There will be new bathrooms on all the Wien floors. The sink is CLUTCH. McBain is gross and has rats and vomit.

  21. I didn't know it was possible  

    to get anything worse than 3000. But "jj2417" got 3001... at least summer swap will be good to him.

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