Lottery numbers—yeah, we’ve been incessantly refreshing just like you. Log into StarRezPortal, go to “Applications,” select next year, and your lottery number is under “Registration Summary.”

So. How’s that Claremont suite looking now? Remember to look over our housing updates, info, advice, strategies, gossip and overheards and breakdowns here. Remember: it’s the 2010 Housing Lottery: Your Best Mistake Ever!

Update: All lottery numbers have been posted sorted by priority and UNI. How we envy you, jrs2171. And Godspeed, ie2139. May your future be shaftless.

Update 2: Overheard in a class with laptops out:

Professor: “I’m curious to know what was on that screen…” (after seeing a student behave irregularly)
Student: “Lottery numbers are out!”
Professor: “Housing lottery numbers… I’m sorry. No really, I’m sorry. I know that process really sucks.”