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CCSC Will Fund Your Can’t-Miss Script

CCSC is funding thisSatow Room Bureau Chief James Downie reports with the latest from CCSC:

Without President Sue Yang in attendance, CCSC’s meeting proceeded with only a few updates of note (on the bright side, it was also done in time for most of the Oscars). First, the Elections Board discussed the progress of the elections, declaring there to be “more interest this year,” though they still suggested council members encourage people to run for less well-known posts. The only major change this year is that all the debates will be condensed into one three-hour extravanganza, in hopes of increasing attendance–and the chances of campus news outlets overdosing on student government news.

As for that smoking ban, 2011 VP (and rumored 2011 presidential candidate for next year) Sean Udell told the council that nothing “will happen anytime soon,” thanks to more “bureaucratic footdragging.”

After several weeks of noticeably worrying about the application rate for CCSC’s new individual project grants (aka “Free Money for Your Off-the-Wall Ideas”), VP for Finance Nuriel Moghavem proudly announced they had received 36 applications, from which six had been selected. Some of the specific projects include:

  • Live and Let Die Another Day: “A humorous Don Quixote story about two best friends at Columbia, Alex and Charlie, who imagine they live in the world of James Bond intrigue and suspense.” Moghavem admitted he actually hadn’t read the script, but that the students behind the project seemed very committed.
  • Our World, Our Campus: “This mural would be painted for one entire day in the Spring 2010, and then displayed in the windows of Lerner Hall on the side facing Journalism. The images and words represented on the mural would be Columbia students’ visions for how they can change the world, including environmental themes, humanitarian needs, educational policy, political reform, and any other topic Columbia students can think of.” Columbia’s sustainability housing community Greenborough is part of the project.
  • College Walk Foosball: “A plan to build a life-size human foosball on College Walk, which would be open to the Columbia community. Participants would be strapped in harnesses connected to PVC pipes and would link arms to move from side to side to kick an oversized ball into the opposing team’s goal. The PVC pipes would be held in place by plywood supports, while the walls of the foosball table would be painted with Columbia themed images, including Alma, Roar-ee, CC and Lit Hum writers, as well as iconic scenes from New York City.” A similar installment in Baltimore can be seen here.

Other projects include a mini-international food festival, a multilingual literary magazine, and an online magazine and discussion community centered around CC, called “Intellectual Intercourse” (a title that drew many an immature chuckle). Moghavem expressed satisfaction with the results, telling skeptical council members that this would not take up very much money, and would showcase student talents. If nothing else, they’ll certainly turn heads.

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  • Wow CCSC says:

    @Wow CCSC Money for a play not actually written over money to allow a club soccer team to form? So many guys were excited by the possibility of us getting jerseys…. No wonder there’s a disconnect from SC to student body….

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Did Columbia actually approve any of these, or just CCSC? Hanging a mural off of Lerner and constructing a gigantic foosball game sound like good fun, but did anyone check if public safety is okay with these?

    And if not, do those groups have to return the money?

    1. Nuriel Moghavem says:

      @Nuriel Moghavem Just CCSC. The grants are all handled by reimbursement, so if the plan isnt OKed, no equipment will be bought and no money will be lost.

  • ... says:

    @... pshaw, don’t copy shit other people have done off the internet. do something original, like donkeykong in lerner.

    1. Agreed says:

      @Agreed People shouldn’t copy ideas that others put on the internet. They should do something original, like mariokart in lerner.

  • +1 to donkey kong in lerner says:

    @+1 to donkey kong in lerner i have a crazy off-the-wall idea. instead of ccsc throwing money away at random meaningless shit, how bout it gives it to non-stupid shit. im not on the club soccer team, but that’s an example of a very concrete thing the money could go towards.

  • Nuriel Moghavem says:

    @Nuriel Moghavem We actually did get a script for “Live and Let Die Another Day” along with the application; I skimmed last night after the meeting and its actually pretty good.

    As for the jerseys for club soccer, we felt that there might be more effective ways to getting a team established that are worth exploring than just buying jerseys. I’ve just sent an email to the grant submitter (John Kenney) and hopefully we can plan out a strategy after break.

    Ultimately, for all the ones that were not accepted (30 in all), our committee explored ways in which we could bring the projects to fruition anyway (either through the standard CCSC cosponsorships, partnerships with existing groups, under the umbrella of our programming wing, etc.), so hopefully more than just six of our grants materialize.

    1. mouse says:

      @mouse Sounds like benefits reaching beyond the project itself… if only you’d run for more student council, Moghavem!

  • pie says:

    @pie we’re gonna need a highly motivated student council to take on all these projects next year

  • Suite 8D says:

    @Suite 8D Nuriel Moghavem, you earn the STAMP OF APPROVAL

  • Yay! says:

    @Yay! Human foosball! But seriously, I would be happy with normal-sized foosball… of all the college-esque things that columbia lacks, foosball is the most glaring omission.

  • anonymous says:

    @anonymous yo don’t club sports already not pay for jerseys? You guys may not have gotten the grant but this doesn’t even seem like an entry fee you guys were asking for, just jerseys, which should be far less important to you guys than getting recognized by columbia(which I know is really hard but don’t stop trying) Don’t beat up on CCSC, they picked some interesting projects and you’ll get your club if you keep working for it

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous The jersey request was so that the team could play its own schedule, as Columbia has steadfastly refused to acknowledge a team- regardless, the support of the SC will help with all aspects of making the team official.

  • Beezly Kiernan says:

    @Beezly Kiernan Shameless plug: the Philolexian Society is planning to hold a human chess game on Low Plaza, Friday, April 2, from noon to 2! Kinda like human foosball…only a bit more mock dueling and less kicking. Onlookers welcome!

    1. reading comprehension FAIL! says:

      @reading comprehension FAIL! Post a comment
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      If you are posting a tip in the comment section, please use our tip form (which can be submitted anonymously) to do so.

      ps my recaptcha was ‘harlem drowned’

  • Recreational smoker says:

    @Recreational smoker Let’s hope the bureaucratic footdragging keeps happening with the smoking ban…enough fascism has been indoctrinated in the name of health.

  • typooo says:

    @typooo just a heads up, the project is “Our World, Our Canvas”

  • Ittai says:

    @Ittai Live and Let Die Another Day is a short film that will employ the talents of dozens of students including animators, editors, cinematographers, actors, etc. To join the project, find us on facebook and join the group! We still need a sound editor.

    Also, I don’t see why a team of filmmakers is such an outrageous choice for funding over a team of soccer players: movies don’t exist without funding, soccer teams do.

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