For the ones amongst us that are not inclined to live and learn at the same time, the most socially stressful and awkward process of the year officially begins today: the Room Selection process. Housing just sent out an email alerting students that Room Selection Registration starts today at 5 pm and continues until March 10. Registration for General and Suite Selection takes place online, and if you’ve applied for any form of special housing (RA, RA-Rider, Special Interest, etc.), you’ll be taken straight to a Statement of Intent page.

So make new friends and start compromising! Bwog knows that housing is a stressful process, so be sure to look out for our Housing 2010 guide soon. In the meantime, read over our past housing posts and live-blogs to get a sense of how Room Selection might go down this year and just how lucky you’ll have to be to snag that Hogan suite.

Full Housing email after the jump.

Update: Attention sophomores, even more reason to panic! Major declaration for CC starts today and runs until Thursday at 5pm. Make good choices!

Dear Bwog,

Registration is open from Monday, March 1 at 5:00pm through Wednesday, March 10 at 5:00pm.
EVERY STUDENT must fill out an Academic Year 10-11 application at during the Registration period as the first step in the process.

If you plan to participate in Room Selection you will begin by making a Category Declaration, which indicates whether you intend to enter as:
1) an Individual in General Selection
2) a group in General Selection with 2 to 8 group members
3) a group in Suite Selection with 2 to 8 group members
4) a Suite Selection–EC Exclusion group with 5 group members

Remember, if you form a group for Suite Selection, you can drop down to General Selection at any point in the process. **We highly recommend that Sophomores form a group in Suite Selection to ensure the best chance for desired housing.** For more information about options for Sophomores please review the Helpful Hint for Rising Sophomores page at

If you are entering the lottery as a group:
1) Choose a group leader who will create a group using a Group Name and Group Password.
2) All group members complete individual applications and select the same Category Declaration.
3) The group leader is responsible for distributing the Group Name and Group Password to all group members.
4) All group members log back into their individual applications to add themselves to the group using the Group Name and Group Password.
5) The group leader must log back in to verify and confirm the group. The group leader MUST NOT click the Verify link until all the group members have added themselves to the group.
6) All group members log back into the portal after the group leader has verified the group to complete their individual applications through the Statement of Intent step.

If you plan to live in Barnard or off-campus housing, you will make a Category Declaration to indicate this. If you are 100% sure that you are going to study abroad, select the Study Abroad Category Declaration. If you are undecided, or have not been accepted into your Study Abroad program, select General Selection.

If you are planning to be an RA or an RA-rider, or to live in Greek or Special Interest Housing, you will be taken directly to the Statement of Intent page to indicate this. If you have been approved for ODS accommodation, indicate it on the Statement of Intent page. After you have been given an assignment, you will receive an email verfication. At this point, you will be responsible for logging back into your application to sign your Occupancy Agreement.

A detailed explanation of the entire Room Selection process is available on the Housing website at Also, please visit our brand new Facebook group for more helpful information!

If you have any questions regarding Registration or Room Selection, please email or stop by the Housing Office in 125 Wallach.

Good Luck in Room Selection!

Housing Services