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Bwog’s dedicated SGA Correspondent Caitlin Lynch reports from last night’s proceedings, primarily concerned with the improved housing selection process, areas of further improvement, and summer renovations.

Annie Aversa, Associate Dean of Campus and Residential Life came to discuss changes in Barnard housing.

  • This year, instead of waiting on different lines for different buildings, the process was streamlined so students could go to one desk, where they were faced with a computer screen that displayed which rooms were available to them in all dorms. There was also a large screen in the middle of Lewis Parlor, which gave live coverage of which rooms were picked.
  • Concerns were raised about difficulties finding suites for smaller groups of three and four. The possibility of “exclusion suites,” which Columbia has, to encourage inter-class interaction without disadvantaging upperclassmen with a lower classman’s low lottery number was discussed.
  • There was a movement rename the “Guaranteed Waitlist” the less worrisome “You’ll-Find-Out-Later”, since last year, everyone on this got housing.
  • Turning to the issue of summer housing, the high cost of the third interim of summer housing in August was explained as necessary due to the costs of running the residences. Those working for faculty or in Barnard programs need only pay a one-off application fee.

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  • Summer renovations: every residence hall will have wireless except Cathedral Gardens; Flooring in Elliott will be redone, as will its lounges. The patio will also be repainted. Windows to be replaced in Plimpton; 7TH and 8TH floor of Brooks have been redone (stripped of paint and restored to their wood finish); it is intended to redo two more floors, and put in new furniture as well

Other topics addressed:

  • In this year’s elections, 48% of the Barnard population voted, the highest voter turn out in years.
  • The Sorority Focus Group are trying to select diverse students from the application pool in order to have an accurate representation of the student body. Right now, the primary applicants are coming from a specific sector of the population.
  • The Interdisciplinary Major on Race and Ethnicity passed with faculty and the Committee of Instruction, so it will be available next fall; course offerings should be up soon.
  • Attempts to secure a Meditation Space and a Queer Lounge will go on during the summer.

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    coming from a specific sector of the population? i can't imagine.

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