Columbia and Gossip Girl have been pals for a while.

Hangin' in Sulz, after a fro-yo binge at Hewitt

There was the time that real-life Blake Lively was going to take classes here. There was that great episode “New Haven Can Wait” (relentless, GG, relentless!) filmed on campus that the CW pretended was Yale. Then they filmed all around campus all the time, and it was exciting.

There are rumors that a new, strong, beautiful chapter of the CU-GG alliance is about to begin. Before we say more, let’s get one thing straight, compadres: these are rumors. This is an idea. It’s a big, big maybe.

And here it is: the CW and the Barnard administration are in talks about including Barnard into the plotline. One of the main characters on the show would be a first-year at BC. That means that Barnard will be featured pretty prominently and regularly, and that the GG crew will be up on campus fairly often, filming and looking for extras (hey you, in the leggings, that’s you!)

Barnard confirms that CW/BC are in talks about this, but warns that it may well not happen.

And…exhale! We’ll keep you posted.

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