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XOXO, Altschul

Columbia and Gossip Girl have been pals for a while.

Hangin' in Sulz, after a fro-yo binge at Hewitt

There was the time that real-life Blake Lively was going to take classes here. There was that great episode “New Haven Can Wait” (relentless, GG, relentless!) filmed on campus that the CW pretended was Yale. Then they filmed all around campus all the time, and it was exciting.

There are rumors that a new, strong, beautiful chapter of the CU-GG alliance is about to begin. Before we say more, let’s get one thing straight, compadres: these are rumors. This is an idea. It’s a big, big maybe.

And here it is: the CW and the Barnard administration are in talks about including Barnard into the plotline. One of the main characters on the show would be a first-year at BC. That means that Barnard will be featured pretty prominently and regularly, and that the GG crew will be up on campus fairly often, filming and looking for extras (hey you, in the leggings, that’s you!)

Barnard confirms that CW/BC are in talks about this, but warns that it may well not happen.

And…exhale! We’ll keep you posted.

Completely unrelated: help Esosa Oviasu, CC’12, win a guest appearance on 106th & Park by following this link. Go to BFABB Contest (Esosa) and vote!

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  • BC student says:

    @BC student As a Barnard student, I reeeeeeeeally hope this doesn’t happen. I would hate having film crews around our already small campus on any sort of regular basis.

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous would be even worse than emma watson coming here. the last thing we need is filming on campus.

      1. BC'16 says:

        @BC'16 Like OMG, you guys are like tots insane! Hello, this is Gossip Girlz, earth to Barnyard! And you guys are prob just super jeal of emma so quit gettin ur panties in a knot and wear a thong instead. And as much as I would hate the film crews roaming our campus, pestering us and invading our privacy, chace crawford is just like too cute! Sometimes, he makes me wish what life would be like if I were straight! But then I get a gander at Leighton Meister and that feeling goes away.

        1. Anonymous says:

          @Anonymous ur BC’16? what? i suddenly feel…ancient

        2. Anonymous says:

          @Anonymous *you* feel ancient? She graduated in 1916!

          1. Anonymous Imonamoose says:

            @Anonymous Imonamoose Actually, I graduated in the year 16 BC

    2. cc11 says:

      @cc11 So, I suspect that with some planning, filming could be conducted in a relatively unobtrusive way

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous “one of the main characters”= serena!

  • BC '11 says:

    @BC '11 God, please no. The only good thing to come of this would be that people might stop mixing us up with Bard, but probably not.

  • xoxo BC '11 says:

    @xoxo BC '11 This would be amazing. Finally, Barnard would 1. get the respect, attention and recognition that it deserves and 2. have an identity separate from Columbia

    and really, how would having a popular tv show filming every now and again be more obnoxious than the 2.5 years of construction that we just finished?

    This would give barnard amazing exposure…

    DO IT PLEASE!!!!

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous obvious columbia troll is obvious


    2. I love says:

      @I love that you think that having a stupid, trashy, shallow, ridiculous TV show associated with our school would bring us the respect we deserve.

    3. cc11 says:

      @cc11 Totally agree, I think this would give Barnard well-deserved attention.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous they’ll probably end up shooting at Columbia and passing it off as Barnard.

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous Or shooting at Yale and passing it off as Columbia just to screw with peoples heads.

    2. CC'13 says:

      @CC'13 they definitely will. Barnard definitely has some cool looking buildings, but Columbia has the money shots.

      That said, the article specifically notes that the production crew was talking to Barnard, not Columbia. But, that might just be for the rights to use Barnard’s name.. idk

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous i think esosa deserves a better shout out than the lame two sentences at the end of a post about gossip girl……..who’s gonna read that?

  • please says:

    @please gossip girl is so above the barnyard…let’s be real

  • ... says:

    @... are those real people in the image, or are they wax?

    1. ... says:

      @... They’re real. And they’re GORGEOUS. Don’t be jealous. I can already hear the bitchy comments thrown at Blake Lively while sullen Barnard gals stroll past set…

  • RawFan says:

    @RawFan OMG Esosa should dance on Gossip Girl… VOTE FOR ESOSA!

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous FYI – The Gossip Girl/Barnard connection has been there for awhile, it just hasn’t made it onto tv yet:

    Jamie Babbit BC’93 is the film and TV director of Gossip Girl (as well as The L Word and The Riches)
    Zuzanna Szadowski BC’01 plays Dorota on the show.
    On their first season, they filmed an episode at the restaurant Butter, where Alexandra Guarnaschelli BC’91 is the executive chef.
    Penn Badgley (Dan Humphrey) before his fame from this show was on The Bedford Diaries. A show that didn’t make it past one season, but it was filmed on Barnard’s campus in ’05.

    There are too many connections not to have a character go to Barnard!

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous Those are connections? Replace Barnard with [INSERT ANY ENTITY HERE] and you’ll get the same types of inconsequential connections.

      Anyways, I hope they film at Barnard. I can’t wait for the lez dorm scenes.

    2. Not to mention says:

      @Not to mention One of the producers, Amy Kaufman, is BC ’79.

      While I don’ think all these connections are so out of the ordinary that “they have to have a character at Barnard” it is pretty cool to see alumnae at work. Every college name drops like this.

      I think writing Barnard into the story has to do more with writing in yet another NYC university into the script. Let’s face it, no one cares about NYU.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Esosa is incredible!

  • X Chromosome Xcrement says:

    @X Chromosome Xcrement Hey Barnyard, don’t have a cow if the ‘Nard isn’t forcibly dragged into the plotline! I’d rather watch a Nicholas Cage movie (and i’m talkin’ post-bankruptcy Nick) than suffer through an episode of Gossip Hoes. Abandon these ill-conceived (hoe)pes because contrary to popular belief, there is such a thing as bad press! Besides, we all know what will happen if the head hens in the barnyard strike a deal with the gossiping guttersnipes… Serena van der Woodsen will end up getting wood for Blair who has been secretly harboring a deep-seated longing to hump Jenny Humphrey. In a shocking turn of events, we find Jenny Humphrey scissoring with Nate Hewitt in the action station in Hewitt, after Nate had resorted to a sex change since Blair had refused him in his present form. Although Nate intended the tryst as a means to test-drive his new machinery, Blair will then spurn Nate completely upon discovering the affair and vow to move to San Francisco in a fiery fit of passion and romantic anguish. Spurred on by the new-found sexual liberties and womanly desires inherent to life at Barnard College, Gossip Girl will devolve into a love quadrilateral that will inevitably escalate into a cathartic and orgiastic girl-on-girl-on-girl-on-girl foursome in the gripping Season Finale.

    1. Not a fan? says:

      @Not a fan? Well you seem to know quite a bit about the characters…

    2. BC '13 says:

      @BC '13 I would have absolutely no problem with Blair and Serena discovering their deep love for one another in a secluded section of the Diana.

      1. The Vag says:

        @The Vag Deep within the vag, far within the nether realms of Buttler and in the action station of Hewitt would all make perfect settings for the long-awaited consummation of Blair and Serena’s lust for one another.

  • Fei says:

    @Fei Hey Barnard ladies,

    Check out my blog post on the latest hot fashion spot in our neighborhood that just opened this past summer:

    Columbia U Consignment

  • OMG!! says:

    @OMG!! CAST ME!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE GOSSIP GIRL!!!!!!!!!!! Its the best show ever!!!

  • IMDB says:

    @IMDB I was bored at work and looked up the cast. It’s not like I was spitting out gossip girl trivia only a fan would know… I just repeated the names.

  • A Straight guy says:

    @A Straight guy “W0men like to pretend they’re complicated; I know better.”

    That was the one cool line I heard watching an episode of this show and by God, judging from the comments here, it sure seems true.

    You gals are…simple little things, aren’t you?

    1. A straight shemale says:

      @A straight shemale sack o’ balls

    2. A Straight Girl says:

      @A Straight Girl I am NOT A BOY and NOT THE ORIGINAL POSTER and I am in 100% agreement with the ORIGINAL POSTER’S ideas… Women should be subjugated in all areas of society, confined to the kitchen to make sandwiches for MEN (THAT HAVE TESTICLES) and ultimately banished to Azkaban upon retirement (WITH NO PAROLE). but I AM NOT A MAN writing this. I have OVARIES. I also like THE JONAS BROTHERS.
      recaptcha: fallopian tubing

    3. A Curved Tranny says:

      @A Curved Tranny I am NEITHER BOY NOR GIRL and THE GREATEST POSTER EVER and I am in 100% agreement with the TEST SUBJECT’S ideas… Women should be subjugated in all areas of society, confined to the kitchen to make sandwiches for KANGAROOS (THAT HAVE POUCHES) and ultimately banished to Azkaban upon retirement (DIRECTLY TO DEATH ROW). but I AM AFRAID OF AMERICANS writing this. I have OXYGEN. I also like DRILLING NAILS INTO MY EARS.
      recaptcha: can forklifts

      1. A Straight guy says:

        @A Straight guy sigh….like I said: simple little things. Especially when trying to prove otherwise.

        1. An Elliptical Metrosexual says:

          @An Elliptical Metrosexual Simple little things… as in your brain? Simply put, you are retarded. And that’s coming from the guy who tags himself as “the elliptical metrosexual” (meaning I’m oddly-shapen and have a fetish for the one train)

  • For the record says:

    @For the record “straight shemale,” “straight girl” and “a curved tranny” are OBVIOUSLY not serious posters. They werent trying to prove you wrong but merely satirizing your thick-headed commentary… Jesus, how obtuse could you be?

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous the only good to come out of this is that people will stop mixing you up with columbia…

    1. Human says:

      @Human My friend’s cousin goes to Barnard (I’m from the West Coast), but it sounds to me (after getting a very confusing answer regarding the ACTUAL difference between Columbia and Barnard) that those girls get the best of both worlds.

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