It Begins!

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The Class of 2014 has begun to trickle in.

Bwog extends a warm welcome to the COÖP fresh-people currently spending their first night at Columbia sleeping under the huge Convocation tent on South Lawn. Bwog found COÖP leaders and freshmen in a semi-circle on the lawn this evening, singing “Roar, Lion, Roar” together. One “fearless leader,” as his shirt advertised, had a buzzcut with COÖP (sans diaresis) shaved into it.

Athletes and RAs are already moved in. Five days till the rest of 2014 shows up, ten days ’till the rest of us move in.

Find below the first evidence of life on campus since Commencement.

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  1. Seriously?

    10:04 PM?!?!!? Do they pay you over hours?

  2. Alum

    This makes me miss Columbia! Good luck, freshmen!

  3. Goddamn

    this is depressing. I have 2 seasons of Mad Men and 6 episodes of Boston Med to go.

  4. Yo

    Andy Whitfield needs to recover from Hodgkins ASAP because season 1 Spartacus was amazing.

  5. alum

    I wish I were a freshman again.

  6. i hate

    those kids already.

  7. also  

    cue's been here since last sunday

  8. '11

    i am incredibly creeped out by this. i refuse to be a senior...

  9. I am

    At the dentist and about to get a filling!

  10. Dentist

    The left side of my face is now numb. Bring forth the drills!

  11. Anonymous  

    Ladies, ladies, ladies

  12. Harmony Hunter

    where's harmony hall do any freshmen know? maybe they heard about it from an orientation event.

  13. Harmony Hunter


  14. Ugh....

    I feel so OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. 2011  

    what about the CUE people? why didn't they get a post? should've gotten one

  16. hair-cutter/fearless leader  

    it actually said "BOP", not COÖP

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