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Sean Zimmermann reports from last night’s ESC meeting.

  • ESC reported that the tie in the freshman election was due to glitches in the voting system. After investigating the recent freshman election tie, the voting website only allowed student to select one class representative. This also explains the 14 vote tie between the two class rep candidates, even though the overall election turnout was 30% of the freshman class. As a result, the runoff election will not be limited to the tied candidates, but will be held for all candidates who ran for freshman class rep. Candidates will be allowed to campaign again for 24 hours on Tuesday, and the election will be reopened on Wednesday.
  • Columbia may soon require students to register with Housing if they plan to stay over winter break. Unlike most schools (Barnard!), Columbia does not require students to register or pay a fee to stay in their dorm over winter break. However, the administration is concerned that if more people stay on campus over winter break, more support staff will be needed. The registration would be for the administration to gauge what percentage of the staff would have to stay on during the winter.
  • 2 ESC representatives resigned this week – Ben Ye has resigned as Pre-Professional and Alumni Affairs Rep, and Scott Lee has resigned as Student Services rep. This means that three positions are now open on council: Alumni Affairs, Student Services, and Environmental Affairs
  • Deans Moody-Adams and Peña-Mora are the only remaining hurdles for the Open-housing proposal. VP Policy Heidi Ahmed announced that the proposal already has a large amount of support from the administration, and, if it is approved by Moody-Adams and Peña-Mora, a pilot open-housing program could be enacted as early as next fall.
  • President Christopher Elizondo reported that, after a meeting with Scott Wright, council is looking for an ESC “lawn representative” who will work with Wright on a “lawn committee” to work out a schedule for the oft-closed patches of green in front Butler.

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  1. Dartmouth BRO

    hey bruh's, can i run if no one else wants it? it'll be empty anyways, you digg?

  2. nypost  


  3. winter break

    change "may soon" to will. it's done and done, baby! check the guide to living.

  4. Anonymous

    Yeah, RAs were told during training this year to mention it in their first floor meetings that students will have to register to stay during winter break

  5. Anonymous  

    esc going down down down hill

    • Anonymous  

      when does it ever climb up the hill?

      esc is so useless, they shud just abolish it and/or combine with ccsc, no one runs for esc and then they go ahead and have their own 'internal' elections as a slap on the face

      • Anonymous  

        If it is so useless, may I suggest that you run for one of the vacant positions? Seriously, people complain all the time about the councils, but no one runs and no one actually shows up to meetings to propose new ideas (reminder: both CCSC and ESC have open meetings where anyone can propose ideas).

        In short, if you have a problem with the councils, quit complaining and actually do something.

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