BwogWeather Episode 13: The Weather IS Lovely

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One night in September, Bwog went to visit Zak. “Zak,” we asked, knowing of his video-production proficiency, “could you maybe help us film for this absurd weather show we’re trying to do? Because we have no idea what we’re doing.” Zak said okay. The next morning, Pat and Zak met to film the first BwogWeather. “So, uh, what exactly are we supposed to do?” they asked. “I dont know,” we replied, “I guess report the weather?”

And the rest is history. Bwog is delighted to present you with the 13th and final episode of BwogWeather. Special thanks to CUMB (go to Orgo Night, this Wednesday at 11:59PM in 209) for helping out this week. Everyone we know has a 15-page paper due tomorrow, so now would be a good time to re-watch all your BwogWeather favorites. It’s been good, guys. Real good.

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  1. DVD

    ZOMG, this is epic, please release a DVD set with blooppers and commentary, I'll will pay what's in my pocket now, (A eco-token, a metrocard and five bucks) please do it, I'll love you for ever and ever.

  2. Anonymous  

    I teared up a bit.

  3. Anonymous  

    with bwog weather over and finals looming near.. i have nothing to live for anymore

  4. BrAvo  

    Good shit. Hope bwogweather comes back

  5. Anonymous  

    this was kind of too self-indulgent for my taste. Awesome series, though.

  6. ...  

    there are people who train, day in and day out, for their entire lives. their dedication pays off, they get pretty good, they make solid contributions to the field. and there are naturals, those with raw fucking talent that scare the living shit out of anyone with their sheer raw aptitude, their potential for not only pushing the envelope, but redefining what the envelope means... and then using the envelope to mail a note to all the other guys explaining how they've wasted their lives trying because they suck so bad at what they do. it's apparent to me that this guy is in the latter camp, for the science of describing the weather, on television.

  7. Lookin'  

    fine, Band. Lookin' fine.

  8. is it  

    just me or did this have nothing in it?

  9. No, but where was the  

    actual weather forecast for this week in this video? I rely on this for my weather forecasts.

  10. Anonymous  

    I cried.
    Gonna miss u guys.

  11. ....  

    whats the intro song that starts called? really beaut classical music but i want to dl it!

  12. lookin' good  

    Eliza Shapiro

  13. gay

    Are Pat and Zak gay? They would make such a cute couple! Or at least an awesome bromance...

  14. LOVE

    This was adorable!!! Every single episode has been awesome so far. Thanks to Pat & Zak for making Sundays sunny :)

  15. Anonymous


  16. Anonymous  

    bwog weather is gone?! ... a little part of me just died on the inside.

  17. Zak,

    I've loved you so long.

  18. Anonymous  

    bwog where are your copy-editors seriously

    also i love pat blute

  19. Anonymous  

    Is it better to have loved and lost, or to never have loved at all?
    You guys are the best. While I am incredibly sad to see this come to an end, I cannot thank you enough for these wonderful little gems. You will be missed.

  20. Anonymous

    nice ass hayley

  21. Anonymous  

    yo pat got some moves! <3

  22. whyyyyy  

    can't i see the video

  23. ackkkk  

    intonation ahhhhh!

  24. oh mah goodness  

    this is just too much. so wonderful. just so, so wonderful.

  25. oh mah goodness  

    this is just too much. so wonderful. so very, very wonderful. thank you for a semester of sunshine, no matter what was going on with the weather!

  26. BC '13

    TRUE LIFE: I have a crush on Kenny Durell. I met him once outside of my building and I thought he was so cute. He probably doesn't remember me but I'll never forget the magical moment we shared as he opened the door for me and offered to help me with my stuff :)

  27. Anonymous  

    you guys have done some truly sweet, awesome work! hats off to you all!

  28. Anonymous  

    1) Pat Blute, I only met you once (or maybe twice?) but you are the most awesome person ever.
    2) Kim, ahhh... mantra, tantra, yantra, etc.

    Seriously bwogweather is actually hilarious. You guys better actually be going abroad, and you better do bwogweather again when you come back. 'Cause yeah. Bwogweather is amazing.

  29. Anonymous

    I was very impressed with Pat Blute's dancing.

  30. Zak  

    Zak, will you go to prom with me?

  31. honestly  

    there aren't many things that tie us together as columbians, but this is one of them. thanks for doing this!

  32. Does no one else notice  

    that the marching band really sucks?

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