Okay, so the point of Boringside Heights (as explained by the title, which has the word ‘boring’ in it), is to note some boring things that happen in Morningside Heights (see it’s a play on words because ‘morning’ and ‘boring’ sound kind of similar). Bwog delights in these details, and we think you should too. Especially after the week we’ve had, can you really blame us for a little bit of local fluff? Here are some of the highlights from the festive decorations that have cropped up around the neighborhood. Revel in the minutiae, REVEL IN IT.

  • Lights: Blue and white (coincidence?) lights line the island dividing Broadway, very pretty. Wreaths and holiday lights decorate the church on 114th.
  • Winter Wonderland: These ridiculously adorable penguins were spotted in the Cardomat window… *sigh* Cardomat. MoWi, Dame of Décor, has transformed into a sparkling, snow-flakey fantasy.
  • Menorahs: At Oren’s and University Hardware—as well as a sled! Thank god there’s snow to sled on.
  • Flora: Seasonal plants at the flower store on 112th st. These might be better to look at…props to anyone that can keep a plant alive in their dorm for more than 3 days.
  • Holiday Crafts: Delightful wreaths of yarn hang in the windows at Book Culture on 114th, but if you’re really running out of ideas for Secret Santa, the Baileys-filled candy canes at International could be the way to go.

Photography by CR