Once again, many a wooden chair has gone missing from the Schapiro lounges, and Housing is prepared to take action. Darleny Cepin, Associate Director of the Office of Residential Programs, warned residents that all of the furniture must be returned by 9am this Friday, or else a team of Res, Housing, and Facilities staff will open and search every room. For real! Don’t think they won’t do it.

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Dear Schapiro residents:

The Office of Residential Programs is committed to providing a residential experience that encourages respect, mutual understanding, and a sense of community.  I write to bring the issue of missing Schapiro communal lounge furniture to your attention. When individuals in our community remove furniture from our common lounge for private usage, the entire community is impacted. Schapiro RAs previously sent an e-mail encouraging the prompt return of all lounge furniture – thankfully, some of that furniture has reappeared.

Below is a list of the missing furniture that has not been recovered:

15th Floor (2) wooden chairs and (2) large 1 seaters

14th “  (1) wooden chair

13th “  (3) wooden chairs

10th “  (1) wooden chair

7th “  (1) wooden chair

6th “  (1) wooden chair

5th “  (1) large 1 seater

3rd “  (2) wooden chairs  and (1) large1 seater

2nd “  (2) wooden chairs

Our primary goal is to have this furniture returned to the lounges immediately so that our entire community can benefit from full use of the lounge.  Conducting room searches is always a last resort; however, if all of the furniture has not been returned by 9am on Friday, December 10th, Residential Programs, Housing, and Facilities staff will need to enter residential rooms between then and 5pm on the same day.  Any piece of “missing” furniture found in a student room will immediately be removed from the room and returned to the lounge.  Each resident who has furniture in their room will be subject to further follow up from our office. We hope that we will not have to take this step and would therefore appreciate everyone’s cooperation in resolving this matter.

Thank you for your consideration of the Schapiro community.

Darleny Cepin, MA

Associate Director

Office of Residential Programs

Photo via Wikimedia Commons