New Year’s Eve ball drop? Skating at Rockefeller Center? Going below 96th St? Your magical winter in New York may be jeopardized! For the first time, Columbia is requiring students to register in order to stay in housing over winter break. Registration is not only mandatory for entering your own dorm, but any Columbia residence building. According to the Housing website:

Approved students access will be changed in the system at each residence hall beginning at 5pm on December 23. In addition, a list of students who have registered will be provided to the guard at each residence hall entry. No registration, no entry.

Visitors are able to be signed-in throughout the Winter Break period (other Columbia students who did not register to stay during Winter Break may count as visitors).

In order to register, you must complete an application by 5 pm today. And it’s not even guaranteed! Bizarrely, you have to specify a reason for staying, “coursework,” “enjoy NYC without classes,” etc. Once you have completed the form, you will not be notified until Friday, December 17th, of a confirmation of your eligibility. Cutting it close!

Photo via Wikimedia