Huzzah, There Is Snow!

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Peter Sterne snapped these delightful shots of campus last night. In case you haven’t noticed, Bwog loves snowremember when?! In an effort to recapture a small amount of that epic rejoicing, we’d like to collect a multitude of snow pics—either from campus if you’re back already, from elsewhere in New York, or your own hometown if it’s covered in a blanket of beautiful white. Go forth and frolic! Snow angels, icicles, igloos, we’ll take ’em all at [email protected].

Let this astounding shot from Spokane, by Bwog’s Evergreen Correspondent Mark Hay, be your inspiration:

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  1. Anonymous

    go screw urself bwog, snows only cool the first time of the season. now its just a reminder how bad it sucks to walk into a stuffy classroom with 7 layers after walking up the steps to get to class in 702 ham. get a life bwog

  2. I've got this awesome photo

    of my testicles covered in snow. Bwog wouldn't post it.

  3. painter of light  

    that last photo looks straight out of a thomas kinkade catalog

  4. Can

    I be the evergreen correspondent?

  5. Spokane

    !!! Near nature near perfect.

  6. fuck you bwog

    that's my girlfriend's line.

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