Follow Your Dreams: Pat Blute Edition

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Bwog’s beloved weatherman Pat Blute was on design guru Nate Berkus’ show yesterday! What can’t he do?

Updated with comment from Pat: “The reason I was on the show was because I was the STA Travel World Traveler Intern for 2008 – so the episode featured items I bought while on that trip around the world in 81 days. Nate had a lot of great design tips and it was awesome to chat with him on his show. If anyone wants to see his design advice in action, stop by Ruggles.”

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  1. lover  

    Yay Pat! We all love you, even though you stopped doing Bwogweather!

  2. Well

    it wasn't surprising that Nate Berkus mistook Pat Blute for a troubled woman with a small apartment.

  3. Nate Berkus

    Who's that? rhetorical question, I've got Google.

  4. So...

    Someone explain this to me. Who is this guy? What is his show about?

  5. Anonymous

    Patricio you're a star!!!

  6. My dream

    is to be Pat Blute.

  7. What?

    ...on earth is a Nate Berkus?

  8. Anonymous  

    he doesn't really have a face for tv...

  9. I like

    Bwog's typo tag quite a bit. Pat Blue sounds like a really awesome 60's soul singer.

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