What Kraft product would you give this dreamer?

Four Columbia professors have been elected fellows of the American Academy for the Advancement of Science. (Columbia)

According to a recent Rolling Stone Interview, Weezy won’t be coming back to New York, stating “they’d have to give me U2 money” to lure him back. Start fundraising Bacchanal! (Boombox)

Kraft created a vending machine that chooses food for you based on your facial expression. Bwog hopes that Kraft can bring this technology to our old friend in Lerner. (Gawker)

Starbucks is proud to announce they will start selling their largest drink to date- the trenta. The behemoth beverage packs 31 liquid oz., making it larger than the average capacity of the human stomach. The drink has already debuted in 14 states and should hit shelves here by May 3rd, hopefully in time to make an appearance during finals week. (LATimes, National Post)

Image via Wikimedia