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Sean Udell and the relentless POTUS Project have not given up hope. As part of the ongoing effort to bring President Obama back to his alma mater for Commencement, Jody Zellman penned this persuasive cartoon. Given that PrezBO/Bama might not read Bwog, POTUS is also sending a copy direct to the White House.

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  1. Anonymous  

    Is anyone else embarrassed by this?

  2. Funny...  

    but I'm sick and tired of the POTUS project. If this continues it could be borderline harassment.

  3. Anonymous


  4. POTUS Supporter  

    Don't be so weak people...if you give up so easily how can you say you are the future of this country. Don't be such pee-ons. Go Sean!

  5. yeah  

    lets call our president reclusive... thats the way to get him to come, great job Sean Udell

  6. Starts with a grin...

    but just feels childish by the end. Kind of like a high school campaign for class president. I don't think he has any intention of "returning the favor." Need to let this one go......

  7. hmm  

    does anyone else want the POTUS project to give it a rest? at this point it just seems stupid and self indulgent. if obama notices at all he probably only finds it annoying...i for one can understand if, at this moment in time, obama is possibly too fucking busy to come here and speak. i want the POTUS project to stop before they annoy him too much to come here when he DOES have time.

  8. Barry Obama  

    Hey guys, this is really clever! You've convinced me, I'll do it! I just booked my flight (jk... I'll be flying in on AF1). Oh, and by the way, with security measures, none of you will be able to attend. See ya then! *fist bump*

  9. ...  

    The Eric Holder slide...hmm, not sure what to think on that one, honestly.

  10. Wow this  

    is painful...

  11. The idea has potential...  

    but the execution is awful. Times New Roman, really? I'm sure most of this negative reaction is partially because of how aesthetically displeasing this is. And you want to send this to Obama? A good looking document is half the battle.

    • Anonymous

      Not only does it look like it was put together in 5 minutes in MS Word, it uses cliché buzzphrases: "Seeking innovation", "Entrepreneurship", blah blah blah. If you want to use clichés, at least back them up with facts (we own an MPEG-2 patent, X Rhodes Scholars in the past thirty years). Borrow liberally from Columbia's press releases.

      Oh, and get one of your Spec buddies to teach you Adobe InDesign. And look up examples of great graphic design -- like Eric Skillman, who designs box art for the Criterion Collection.

  12. OMFG  

    It's a joke. I doubt anyone in their right mind would actually think of this as an effective tool to convince the HMFIC of the USA to come speak at Columbia. Again, it's a joke!

  13. Anonymous

    Joke as in "ha ha, this is silly" or as in "pathetic"?

  14. Bwahaha

    Sean Udell is the definition of "stupid" and "self-indulgent"

  15. Anonymous

    audacity of soap..

    that's good stugg

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