Start Ranking Your Friends

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The maelstrom that is housing selection looms. Buy sandbags. Hoard fresh water and non-perishable, high calorie foods. Or just keep a few simple dates in mind:

  • Housing and Residential Programs are hosting their first info session tonight at 7pm in the Carman Lounge, in order to answer room selection questions in person. There will be a second session including building tours that starts in John Jay Lounge at 7pm on Thursday, February 24.
  • Students approved for the LLC will register online on February 23 and 24 (that’s tomorrow and the next day!)
  • Room Selection Registration for everyone else begins March 1 and continues through March 10

The dog speaks of housing

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  1. Postcrypt Lives!  

    Postscrypt just sent out a facebook message. They're back! Without Security!

  2. Rising senior  

    Shit ... I should really start making some friends.

  3. i'll be your friend :)  

    sign me up for EC though

  4. got into LLC  

    So... what exactly is going to happen to me tomorrow? And which dorm should I go for? Do I have an option?

  5. WTF  

    somebody fix the housing website.
    also, why did they get rid of exclusion in ec. absolute bullshit

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. Getting rid of ECX is complete bullshit. This disadvantages seniors, because if we want the excitement of EC, we must endure living in a double. In short, seniors should not have to sacrifice anything for our living arrangements.

      We've paid our dues. We're seniors, bitches.

      • eric  

        you're not gonna have to live in a double -- suites with 3 seniors and 2 juniors will be fine...

        • Anonymous

          How is that so? A suite with 3 seniors and 2 juniors would enter the Suite Selection with a 26-Point Value. I don't think that's high enough to snag a 3-single 1-double EC Suite.. and a 3-person group can't select a 5-person suite, because according to Housing:

          "Group sizes can range from 2 to 8 and must be the exact size as the suite you wish to select (i.e. a group of 6 cannot select a 4-person suite plus a double room, a group of 4 cannot select a 5-person suite, or a group of 6 cannot select 3 doubles)."

  6. If the seniors in that group  

    see that the number of suites has gone down so much so that there chances of getting one with the juniors aren't that great, they can just elect two take part in senior regroup, add seniors to their group who at this point are desperately looking to reform groups to get suites and the juniors will just drop down.

  7. That was a reply  

    to the post above about 3 senior-2 junior groups

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