Barnardians! Forget about your worries and your strife! One of Mother Nature’s finer recipes shall soon be available to you: As of Tuesday, March 1st, the powers that be will enable gchat for all gBear accounts!

Dear Students,

1) Want more Google features and Apps in gBear? Wish granted: as of Tuesday,
March 1st, all Barnard student gBear accounts will have Google Talk (Chat)

Want to see even more? Come to Student Computing’s Love Your Computer Week
event this week: give us feedback on gBear and your opinion on what Apps we
should roll out next! We will be raffling prizes, such as USB keys and gBear
T-shirts, to people that visit our tables. Also, goodies, snacks, and
computer advice will be in abundance, so please stop by:

Thursday, 2/24
12:00 pm-2:30 pm
Diana Center, 1st Floor Lobby & 2nd Floor Dining Hall

2) Resnet was SO last year謡e’re now called Student Computing Services! We
have a new email address,, and website:, which you can also access through
the “Student Services” section of Barnard’s home page,

Additionally, we’re hiring! So, if you would like to work for BCIT, visit
the “Work for Us” section of our website (

Hope to see you at Love Your Computer Week,

Student Computing Services, BCIT