And we thought we had it all.

Our very own NoCo may have “the most elegant aluminum siding in America.” But seriously, people like it. (NYT)

It really is hard out there for a pimp.  The internet is changing the face of the NYC sex trade, argues sociology prof Sudhir Venkatesh. According to one ex-pimp: “You learn one thing,” he said. “For a good blow job, a man will do just about anything. What can I do with that knowledge? I have no idea.” (Wired)

Our very own Law professor was named senior advisor to the FTC. Tim Wu coined the term “net neutrality” and has also been to Burning Man, so we can trust him. (WSJ)

The long awaited Five Guys on 111th and Broadway will open in 29 days or less! The burger battle is coming… (DNAinfo)

A record 289 women registered for Panhellenic Recruitment, 170 were placed it remains to see how many will be placed. (Spec)

Last week’s DevFest was a kind of a big deal! Hackers of the future and collectively hacked things, and attendees contributed exciting new creations: a class note-passing board; a Risk-like game called CU Generals; and a smart phone app to take you on campus tours.  Lots of Columbia students got shout-outs!  Exciting!  (TechCrunch)

Image via Wikimedia