Earlier this morning, a taxi cab flipped over on 120th and Broadway. It is appears that a red Volvo attempted to make an illegal turn, causing the cab to stop short and flip on its side. A tipster informs us that the cab was attempting to make a left during a red light, which caused the red Volvo to collide with it. Broadway is now blocked off between 118th and 120th Streets. Firemen have pried off the roof of the cab with the jaws of life, successfully removing the cab driver, who has been given a neck brace and moved to a stretcher. Both the cab driver and that of the Volvo have been put into ambulances. We are waiting to hear whether any others have been injured.

Update: Bwog talked to NYPD who say that there were no students injured.

Update, 11:28 a.m.: Most of the traffic has cleared at the 120th and Broadway intersection, with cars now moving freely around a few remaining police cars and fire trucks.