Everything You Never Wanted to Know About Housing

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Eh?Housing: the dark god who cannot be appeased. You’re probably in the throes of registration and have statistically calculated which friends to keep and to lose. But worry not! Bwog has been there and will be there for you. We’ve explored the mysterious underworld that is Columbia Housing for years now, and we’d like to just share again some of our past features to help you through this time of flux.

An Overview of (Some) Dorms

The Housing Process

And remember, if you still want more information, you can always check out our past liveblogs or look through Bwog’s many various housing tags.

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  1. Anonymous  

    Hey BWOG can you do this for Barnard?

  2. CC'13

    wien gets an unfairly bad's actually been renovated a fair bit (the bathrooms are amazing), and the only bad things i can say for it really is you have to share a kitchen and it can be pretty quiet. on the whole, decent place to have a single!

    • Wienermaster

      I'm not ashamed to say that I like Wien a lot, but one other drawback is the fact that you can hear basically everything in the hallway from your room and everything in peoples' rooms from the hallway. For the most part, noise from adjacent rooms is pretty muted. Also, minimal control over heating leads to quite a few heater blasting/window wide open winter days so as to make your room comfortably balanced.

  3. EFG  

    Yeah I lived in Wien last year it was pretty good overall.

    Personal sink = pisser without having to go anywhere.

  4. CC '14  


    Would you post something explaining how "Open Housing" works? How do I sign up for it?

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