The Suite Life of Desperate Freshmen

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The New York housing market really is insane! This flyer, spotted in McBain, offers nearly a thousand dollars each to upperclassmen willing to throw in their lot with rich but ridiculous rising sophomores. Of course, plenty of upperclassmen use freshpeople fears about the housing lottery to score some sweet suite singles, but it seems few realize just how much of a literal goldmine their priority numbers really are.

Identity of poster blocked! You're not really supposed to do this...

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  1. Genius

    Why did I not think of this?

  2. I want  

    Could you reveal unblacken the details please!

  3. Anonymous  

    I was never resentful of rich people until I came to Columbia. This is ridiculous.

  4. Not that uncommon  

    You can make a killing with the right single or location...And not just money.

    I know plenty of people who've "sold" room swaps. Watson House townhouse has been the source of many deals. As have prized Watt rooms.

    I mean, it's an ivy league campus; there are folks with MONEY, lots of it, and housing is a big deal for a lot of people.

  5. Anonymous  

    money can't buy you friends

  6. Anonymous

    This is creepy. I would never live with someone who pays me to (for fear of getting Amanda Knox'd).

  7. or as the countess would say...  


  8. Yikes.  

    I'd do it for a grand a month, maybe.

  9. Seriously  

    If you have that much spare cash, can't you get an off-campus apartment?

  10. how

    many columbia kids does it take to make a grammatically correct sign?

  11. I mean

    this is kind of smart. it's cheaper than getting a suite off campus and saves the hassle of having to be signed in all the time, if they're going for a 6 person, $800/4 = $200 each. Way cheaper than trying to go off campus. Let's face it, it's just really inconvenient to live off campus at Columbia. Still can't imagine seniors willing to live in Claremont, unless they're really short on money...

    • except it really isn't inconvenient at all

      Living off campus can be a lot cheaper and certainly less stressful: no RAs, no babying or ridiculous rules, no fire alarms.
      Plus, commuter access gets you access to every dorm (as long as the reason you live off campus isn't that you were booted), no need to be 'signed in all the time.'

      Sure, you need to grow up a little to live off campus and learn to pay for electricity or whatever but I encourage everyone to check it out! It definitely made going to this school a lot more tolerable and real for me.

  12. hahahah

    the question is will obama try to tax this and then redistribute the wealth back to the poor

  13. Anonymous

    bwog should do a piece on sweet off campus student apartments. then you will realize what a jip the dorms are in terms of quality.

  14. this sign

    is poorly written. Make an offer and stick to it. If you're offering 800-1000 and saying its negotiable you might as well just offer 1000. Whose going to ask for less money. Also saying 'and/or' the money is dumb too. Why would it ever be 'or'

  15. Anonymous

    not a bad idea, i mean you really don't have to be that rich to pay the 1000. If it's 4 guys/girls and they want 2 upperclassmen then they would only pay 25o each. But i don't know how if anyone's going to take the offer. i mean, why would people want to live with stupid freshman next year?

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