Suite Selection 2011 – Day 1

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At last, the time has come. Welcome to the Housing 2011 liveblog, where Bwog blogs about housing live. We’ll be here all day every day for the entire selection process. We will update the chart at the top of the site as often as possible, post the official Housing whiteboard, and tell you about the triumphs and pitfalls happening in the cage, where your livelihood is made or broken.

Feel free to comment on this post! We’ll try to answer as many questions as possible, but we may not be able to tell what what your specific lottery number means at a certain moment. General debate, advice, and chatter about the housing process is highly encouraged. Plus, you can always stop by in person! We’ll be cheerfully chomping on Junior Mints, grooving with Housing staff, and neglecting our studies with abandon. Bwoggers will be more than willing to chat about the current situation and/or our hopes for the Bacchanal lineup. Best o’ luck, all!

Look below for the latest numbers on what’s left! Bwog Count represents our unofficial tally of how many of a certain suite are left, and the Whiteboard Record will always reflect what’s currently being shown on the Housing whiteboard as the official count.

New this year: Suites in italic are partially occupied by RAs and riders.

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  1. Anonymous  

    if you don't show up for suite selection do you just automatically drop down to general?

  2. Anonymous

    how are 3 of the Claremont 3-person suites already taken?

  3. Confused  

    Why are neither of the lottery numbers that have been mentioned on the pdf of lottery numbers?

  4. senior  

    Can I still come get free candy if I'm graduating and not picking housing?

  5. Anonymous  

    Did one group of 5 (presumably all seniors) already take an EC exclusion suite or is that a mistake?

    • David  (Bwog Staff)  

      Sorry, it looks like that's a product of Housing's "work in progress." There are 56 "ECX" suites, but one is going to Housing Services and isn't available for selection---that's why our number is lower.

  6. ....  

    people need to stop bitching about the good housing they're getting. why are people complaining of being disappointed and tired already? what the fuck? i must be REALLY fucked then

  7. LBB'12  

    I almost wish I had a worse number so I wouldn't have had to wake up this early... almost

  8. rising senior

    As I am watching this live feed (my appointment is later today), I'm suddenly feeling incredibly old. How am I already a rising senior? =O

  9. senior

    So the whiteboard record is the right number or is it the bwog count? I'm confused?

    • David  (Bwog Staff)  

      The Whiteboard Record will always show what the Housing whiteboard says and will be updated as they update it throughout the day.

      The Bwog Count is our personal up-to-the-minute count of how many rooms are left from talking to people and our own calculations.

  10. Anonymous

    Damn.. Hogan isn't likely to make it through the entire day huh?

  11. Anonymous  

    Housing needs 100% more Lil' Wayne, Bwog.

  12. I LOVE  

    BWOG. Keep it up guys!

  13. BWOG!  

    Why do you count 3 4-person suites in Ruggles while Housing counts 6? Please explain!

  14. Anonymous  

    Where is the Ruggles 5 person listed above? Is it all singles, 1 dbl and 3 singles, 2 dbls and 1 single or what?

    • David  (Bwog Staff)  

      Nowhere, it seems like. It was listed on the Housing website as being on the first floor, but we confirmed with a Housing staff member (whaddup Brian) that there are no Ruggles 5-person suites this year.

  15. hmmmmmmm..............  

    anybody have a guess for a cutoff for a watt studio single?

  16. BWOG!  

    What does "dropping down into general selection" mean? Can a 4-person group split into two doubles? Or do they all have to get singles? Sooooooooo confused.

    • Alex  (Bwog Staff)  

      If you are "dropping down into general selection," then you are all getting singles, or picking into blind doubles.

      But you don't have to do that! If you are a senior, then you can do senior re-group, and if you are a sophomore then you can do sophomore pair-up. Options abound!

  17. Confused  

    Are the numbers amount taken or amount left?

  18. Also confused  

    A group of seniors took a 7-person suite? I thought no such group existed according to the calculator

  19. 1849

    How did #345 get a suite on the 20th fl (i assume 2002, for 6-ppl) AND H804 (also 6-ppl)?? Clarification please, Bwog.

  20. Anonymous  

    what time of day does suite selection end?

  21. Mystery numbers?  

    Why are some of the lottery numbers being mentioned not on the list of appointment times?

  22. THANKS!  

    I <3 Bwog
    No big deal.

  23. Anonymous

    is there anything juniors can do if there are no suites of their number left when they get there or do they just end up in general? could they pick into doubles in suite selection?

  24. Questioner  

    Bwoq, according to the housing calculator, 768 is a 4-person group. How could they have gotten a 2-person flat? Sooooo confusing.

    • David  (Bwog Staff)  

      Guestioner, we ask people for lotto numbers after they've chosen a suite, and like Claire said, sometimes people just forget! They're never off by more than a few numbers though, so you still get a general sense of who's getting what rooms.

  25. Harrison

    Any idea which EC 2-person plus RA and rider townhouse just went? I'm the rider for H202 and we have friends that plan on living with us.

  26. cliff  

    thanks for the shout-out, bwog. great coverage :)

  27. eylo

    do you know how many ec 6-single suites (townhouse and highrise) are being removed for RA's and special interest? i believe it's 6 but not sure.

  28. Anonymous  

    Do you mean Ruggles 3dbl 8 person?

  29. curious  

    What is this 2-person suite in Hogan that you speak of? Is that only for ra's and their riders?

  30. Anonymous  

    Why is suite selection done in person rather than online?

  31. Hmmm...

    You guys are super-off-base with the EC 2-person flats. Aren't they all gone?

  32. How long  

    do you have to make a selection during your time slot?

    • David  (Bwog Staff)  

      You can take as long as you want!

      Just remember in the heat of your passioned discussion... you are gonna be living with these folks next year. Don't burn too many bridges.

  33. So much  

    analysis and attention - at any other school you'd think it was sports coverage, haha

  34. Take that  

    Hogan 6 person!

  35. Help!  

    What EC RA townhouse got taken??

  36. yo

    is it weird that I'm more worried bwog will run out of free stickers by my appointment time than I am that columbia will run out of places for me to live?

  37. Anonymous  

    what accounts for the discrepancy between the housing and bwog counts?

  38. Anonymous

    hey, anyone know what was the last lottery number that picked today? thanks!

  39. Question  

    Any information about senior regroup? When how where it takes places?

  40. cc14  

    at suite selection do they let you see floor plans before choosing? or do you have to do all of that beforehand?

    • David  (Bwog Staff)  

      Yes they do! Of course, it'll obviously help to know the general layout of the floors and to have a gameplan before arriving, but you get to actually see floorplans when you're there. If you're nervous, swing by John Jay Lounge before your selection time just to see how it works.

  41. Sorry-  

    We don't mean to screw anyone over! It really came down tot hat or dropping into general selection, as Woodbridge was a non-option. We'll bake you cookies.

  42. Anonymous  

    spec says there are 3 6-person ec highrises left - is it 2 or 3??

  43. confused senior  

    Does anyone know how senior regroup works? Any way of calculating the odds of getting something that way?

  44. Anonymous  

    my number was in the low 70's and I got a townhouse. yay!

  45. Anonymous

    Is the last 5 person suite in Claremont not available?

  46. Anonymous  

    watt 1 bdr or woodbridge (high demand)?? advice pleaseee!!!

  47. Anonymous

    Are there 5 or 6 4-person suites in Claremont because the Live report says a group picked at the end of suite selection today?

  48. cc14  

    thanks bwog! one more question, if an entire floor is shaded with pink stripes in the floor plan, what does that mean?

  49. happy barnard rising junior

    are there any more single stickers left? i want one! i got my desired room today!


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