Suite Selection 2011 – Day 2

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We'll stick these on ya

Welcome back to the Housing 2011 liveblog! It’s the second day of our coverage, and seniors are starting to feel the heat. Many suites are already all taken, and many more will likely be gone by lunch. But hold the phone! Senior Regroup will still happen today—it’ll start around 3:00 or 3:30pm, look to our liveblog for more. And as always, we’ll still update the chart at the top of the site as often as possible.

Feel free to comment on this post! We’ll try to answer as many questions as possible, but we may not be able to tell what what your specific lottery number means at a certain moment. General debate, advice, and chatter about the housing process is highly encouraged. Plus, you can always stop by in person! We’ll be cheerfully chomping on Swedish Fish, grooving with Housing staff, and neglecting our studies with abandon. Bwoggers will be more than willing to chat about the current situation and/or our hopes for the Bacchanal lineup. Oh, and in case you didn’t hear… We have stickers! Happy picking and best o’ luck, all!

Look below for the latest numbers on what’s left! Bwog Count represents our unofficial tally of how many of a certain suite are left, and the Whiteboard Record will always reflect what’s currently being shown on the Housing whiteboard as the official count.

New this year: Suites in italic are partially occupied by RAs and riders.

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  1. Anonymous  

    If I'm in General Selection, can I come by and get a "Single--and loving it" sticker?

  2. Anonymous  

    what happened to the ruggles 3 person RA suites?

  3. Renovated EC floors  

    which EC High-rise floors are renovated?

  4. lim t-->appt time, hope = 0  

    Does the EC 4-person (RA+Rider) have all singles or is it with a double?

  5. Rising sophomore  

    Forgive my ignorance, BUT: will there be a separate time for sophomore pair-up (as there is for senior regroup)?
    Our suite group (six sophomores) has a good lottery number, and we're thinking of splitting into doubles. I can't seem to figure out whether that number will be as wonderful if we wind up choosing after our registration time on Friday afternoon.

  6. Anonymous  

    Nope! Sophomore pair up happens during your appointment time!

  7. Anonymous  

    can you get the 411 on how many more barnard spots there are/what does the cap look like? love you always bwog.

  8. Anonymous  

    What's the deal with the Harmony 6 person suite? Singles or doubles? Kitchen?

    • David  (Bwog Staff)  

      We couldn't find the Harmony floorplans for a while (lolloollo) but Housing just put them up.

      What's available for Harmony:

      - 1 6-person suite on the first floor. 4 singles and 1 double (186 sq. ft.), includes 1 kitchen and 1 bathroom
      - 1 214 sq. ft. double on the mezzanine

  9. Alum  

    think twice before taking ECX, seniors. The tiny double is bad enough, but the worst part is mental: waking up everyday and seeing your friends coming out of their massive singles.

  10. abroad

    I'm abroad. Can you snail mail me a sticker? I would freaking love that.

  11. PPA

    1849 really was a good year

  12. Life sucks  

    Senior year = Ruined

  13. Stanley  

    Bwog's housing coverage is obsessed with apples. More fruity entertainment!

    Housing people are real nice.

  14. Anonymous  

    everybody left in housing selection before my group drop down to general please!

  15. Anonymous

    I'm a junior in a 6-person suite with number 2558, and we have a Barnard there ANY way that we'll get a 6-person suite? Can we get ruggles?

  16. Anonymous  

    All bu the 16th have wood flooring. The 16th is supposed to be renovated this summer.

  17. Anonymous  

    Dear Bwog,

    Which of the following is better than the other: a studio double at Watt or a big double at Broadway?


  18. Claire  (Bwog Staff)

    It really depends on how you feel about sharing your kitchen and bathroom! If you want your own, you should definitely go for Watt.

  19. Anonymous

    thanks it for keeping it real Brandon, stay strong!

  20. Anonymous  

    how did 2411 get a 3 person suite? they are a 4 person group

  21. cc14

    what do pink stripes on a floor plan mean? its over the entire floor

  22. Anonymous  

    what is the deal with the supposed harmony 6-person suite? I've never heard of it, is it that section on the first floor?

  23. Anonymous

    Dear Bwog,
    What's it looking like for Broadway singles? Is there any way for me to find out how many are left and which ones they are?

  24. Anonymous

    What are the options for juniors who don't get their suite option because they all run out? Can we break down into doubles or are singles the only option?

  25. bwog  

    should a group of seven with a good lottery number drop down to general selection to avoid one person having a tiny room? is broadway feasible?

    • old geezer  

      yes, broadway should be feasible depending on your point value and just how good that lottery number is (20/>1000 to be sure). However, you might have to settle for a low floor on broadway, if that is an issue

  26. Livebwog 3:06  

    What on earth is a 5-person EC townhouse? Didn't think those existed...

  27. Anonymous  

    any hope for the junior 6 person groups???

  28. Anonymous

    I'm glued to the liveblog, nervous as hell and this doesn't even directly affect me. But if my friends don't get an EC suite, where will I party next year? WHERE?

  29. Anonymous  

    our group got an EC townhouse, we don't know the RA or rider. I don't know... should i be jumping up and down??

  30. Anonymous  

    What is going to happen to the 5 person exclusion suites if they aren't picked during suite selection?

  31. Anonymous  

    can we get some mobile coverage?!

  32. Anonymous  

    can you give an estimate of how many seniors are doing regroup?

  33. Anonymous  

    I think then they're up for grabs during general selection.



  35. Anonymous  

    many rooms are left in \Symposium\? Getting different numbers from different sources

  36. Confused  

    What is Symposium? And what are cow tails?

  37. IS  


  38. Anonymous  

    where were the stickers? I didn't see them when I came in for my free candy

  39. Worried  

    Are there actually 23 ECX suites left? Spectrum is saying only 16 lately.

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